EASTERNERS FORM UMODZI KUM’MAWA… To Challenge UPND after being sidelined by HH


By Honest Mweemba

Very sad report in the news Diggers newspaper today that the LAZ President Lungisani Zulu is part of the group that is working on dividing Zambia tribally. LAZ president and his co has assembled few people from Eastern Province to accuse HH of sidelining them when infact not.

We are aware of how big sums of money has been, is being and will be spent by the former president Edgar Lungu on big lawyers,some church leaders and on some influencial NGOs leaders to fight HH and his administration on tribal lines.

Not long after former president Lungu officially announced his come back to active politics you saw some churches leaders with board members from few regions of Zambia coming out strongly on HH raising a number of accusations that they could not substantiate, they said democracy has reduced in Zambia are they sure when they say Edgar Lungu was democratic and HH is not? Or they are merely speaking for ECL? We expect church leaders to be factual when they make a submission on national Matters, in this case we expected them to factually demonstrate how ECL was democratic and HH is not. They also talked about tribalism many of us expected them to check how balanced their national board is and check how balanced the government cabinet is before they talked about tribalism in government.Church leaders must always remember that they have a duty to speak on behalf of all Zambians and not on behalf of ECL and PF.

You also heard some NGOs led by Linda Kasonde doing the same without mentioning how exactly the NGOs have been denied democracy in Zambia It would have made sense if they mentioned exactly how the civic space has reduced now compared to Edgar Lungu’s time as they claimed in their statement but they failed to factually demonstrate how. Is Linda Kasonde and group speaking for Zambians or for ECL and PF?

Within the same month you saw State counsel John Sangwa singing the same hymn of shrinking democratic space too without telling us how the democratic space has shrunk in Zambia. Just a reminder to state counsel John Sangwa shrinking means reducing or being less than it was before. Is the state counsel sure that Zambian people had more democracy Under ECL than it is now under HH? A question again is the state counsel speaking the truth or merely speaking for one ECL and group?

Public figures like state counsel John Sangwa and groupings like NGOs and Churches have a duty to tell the truth on national Matters and not to fight political battles on behalf of some political party/parties.



  1. Ubufontini no kutumpa cannot win anyone an election. Zambians are way ahead of any tribal idiot who thinks elections can be won through a tribe. STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. Easy guys. You have not even heard from those who are said to be the leading lights in this thing. Let’s wait and see what they are up to. I cannot draw a firm conclusion based solely on media reporting. There should be more to this story.

  3. Let the form what ever kumodzi and when they realise tha their pf is getting even smaller, they turn around and cry its HH7 reducing democracy…….???baKoswe mumpoto!

    • You just have to look at the name of the author.

      It is very sad because majority of the Tonga people are not happy with this current tribalism.

  4. We really should have listened to KK.

    Now we see the problems we have brought on ourselves.

    These people think they are the only tribe that can face tribalism.

  5. In this day and age, we should not entertain such retrogressive ideas. Whoever is behind this is looking for a way to be noticed. If the people behind this sordid scheme were to be given diplomatic postings, the whole thing would fall on its face and the talk of marginalization would cease.

    I urge my mbuyas from the East to reject this divisive move by these very selfish individuals. They should emulate Ms. Laura Miti who was an ardent critic of Mr. Lungu inspite of her Eastern origins and rightly so.

    Let us not support any nonsense in the name of regional unity. People of Eastern Province must refuse to be used by self seeking individuals who really donot care about the man in the street.


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