It’s painful to witness someone who led a corrupt violent administration mocking you even in opposition, as in the case of ECL.

How does ECL interpret the enormous debt we are struggling with? Who borrowed this money? An uneducated population is easily manipulated. What truly bothers my mind is that we, the so-called Christians, cheer such rantings. This is a man who led a government of thugs, for the thugs, with the thugs.

A man who allowed hate speech to be propagated. A man who encouraged his top officials in government and party levels to steal.

This is a man who allowed thugs to ambush and terrorize Zambians who did not agree with his government. Zambians died under his watch through political violence, yet today, he has the freedom to stand before the congregation and mislead those who call themselves Christians. It is at this point that I question the moral fiber of us Christians in Zambia. Because we accept being misguided by individuals whose hands are stained with people’s blood, whose lips are full of hate, and whose brains easily forget. At the end of the day, all this nonsense is happening because the UPND government has allowed it.

Let people with integrity criticize, and I will not have a problem. This is why, no matter what people like Bishop Mpundu say, I will not be aggressive towards him because when we were in trouble, he stood firm and denounced the PF Lungu-led violent and brutal administration.

Some of us who experienced firsthand the brutality of PF-sponsored violence feel our hearts ache when we see what is going on. I know some of you in the UPND government are very comfortable now that you fail to assist the president in stopping this nonsense we see. But I want to remind you all that some people died under Lungu’s administration for you to have that position through President HH. You can’t even open your mouth to defend your president’s efforts simply because your mouth is full of food. But for how long? Anyway, because in Zambia, some of you are used to changing political parties like underwear, that is why you don’t care.

My argument here is that ECL messed up this country. By the time he was voted out, Zambia had already started defaulting on loans, and there are financial consequences.

We are subjected to all these harsh economic austerity measures by the current administration for the mess created by ECL. Who is he today to tell us that our economy can be better under him again? We have also heard about the money saga were former bank of Zambia ordered staff at the Bank to give the likes of Faith Musonda to keep in their homes. My question is did president Edgar Lungu know about this? Yes he and what did he do? Absolutely nothing.

Sikaile C Sikaile


  1. You have said nothing but the truth. Ukushishita ba UPND, the wizard is going round bewitching people, you are just watching. Awe naine I am fed up of seeing thieves and murderers daring the government and even calling for early elections, who does that and go scot free?


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