‘ECL could take back Zambia to tribalism’


PF Was For Few Ethnic Groupings:

‘ECL could take back Zambia to tribalism’

Those who say PF was not a tribal party, here are ECL’s Ministers.

This is why some people during PF regime thought bemba was Official language and they still get offended when they hear others speak their language not bemba.

If Zambians are to be united, two things must happen, to finish PF or make ECL know that the party is not his personal to holder to do with it as he please.

✓Opposed and looked down on everyone who was from other regions.
✓Ministerial positions were purely for few regions and tribes.
✓PSs were for those who spoke the same tongue.

ECL used PF to divide Zambia when the founder used the party to bring everyone from all parts of the nation together.

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    • You idiot praise singer Sob, we voted out PF collectively as a country because of this same tribalism.

      Your kavsmall god must be stupid because he is even more tribal than ECL, yet he knows that Zambians rejected this in 2021. That is why he wants to kill opposition so that he can carry on with his pathetic tribalism and abuse of office unchallenged.

      I fought ECL and PF everyday about tribalism against our Tonga and Lozi country folk. And now that I am fighting your ka conman god to stop tribalism, you insult me? This country does not belong to you Tonga people alone, and do not take us voters for fools.

  1. Musonda, stop being an a$$hole you effing pf sympathiser.
    Lungu is the biggest failure in Zambian political history. The man is a drunk, visonless, a moron, gassing Zambians, absolute corrupt and a bafoon of the highest caliber there is.

  2. Thanks for sharing the List of Cabinet Ministers under PF. Can someone also now share the List of the current Cabinet Ministers under UPND: names and Provinces where they come from? Once I compare the two Lists I will draw my own personal Conclusions and Opinion, shapwa, Game Over!!

  3. Some simpo minds think it is only cabinet where there is tribalism.

    These simpo minds should look at the heads of all civil service departments, police, state House staff, DEC ACC, etc. etc.

    You idiots do not realise how much others fought PF against tribalism. Now that your ka small god is in power, you are approving his tribalism?

    If I could see tribalism by ECL, I can certainly see tribalism by Hakainde. I have many Tonga and Lozi friends, and they are equally disgusted by the tribalism we are seeing.

    Simpo minds will always be simple minds.

  4. PF has continued to promote Bemba as their official communication language making us all hate that language and its arrogant people. Even marriage passage rituals are following Bemba traditions with a sophisticated twist towards making money out of them for the organisers not the parties marrying.

    • Hahahaha. Come on Ndine.

      You can not hate another tribe, it is not possible my friend. Bemba, Tonga, Lozi, Ngoni, Kaonde etc. etc. are all Zambians. Let us be careful to not let these greedy mother f#£ker politicians divide us. ECL and HH are both in this game to become rich. I mean very rich. The facts on the ground is that inter marriages are rife. Our children are half Tonga, half Bemba. They can not pick a side because they know that is is never about sides. It is about Zambia. That is why we voted ECL out. We voted for Hakainde not because he was Tonga, but because we thought he was the best candidate based on his promises.

      So calm yourself down and snap “I hate arrogant Bemba people” phase. Bemba as a language is pretty cool. Even your own supreme leader often speaks Bemba, especially when swearing. “Ati uku kutumpa”. Bemba, for some reason, has become widely spoken and accepted. Soon it will be spoken even in your village in Namwala. Embrace it. I for one enjoys speaking Tonga, and would like to learn more Zambian languages. They are all pretty cool and must all be preserved.

      I submit my brother. But do not hate us.


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