….as he castigates those who wish to prolong the eligibility debate as time wasters…..
KITWE. Tuesday, November 10th, 2020.

Minister of National Development Planning Hon Alexander Chiteme over the weekend admonished all those that want to sustain the eligibility debate to focus on real issues, as the matter had already been settled by the Constitutional court (ConCourt).

Addressing scores of Miseshi residents who gathered at Butungwa Primary school in Kitwe, the Nkana lawmaker termed all those who were engaged in the futile eligibility debate as scared individuals who were terrified to face President Edgar Chagwa Lungu head on.

“The President has delivered, he is still delivering, and that has petrified some people, his works has immobilized them, the eligibility debate is a foregone conclusion, the highest court in the land ruled in favor of our boss. Don’t be cheated by time wasters, who wish to waste your time twice,” Hon Chiteme said.

And the Nkana Constituency Member of Parliament wondered which new arguments the naysayers would bring to court which they didn’t during the Danny Pule case.

“One doesn’t need to be a lawyer to understand that the Pule case exonerated the President, without him uttering a single word. Efyo chaba nga Lesa ali naiwe, aba lwani nangu bengema shani, ena kuli bonse alapokolola,” Hon Chiteme stated to a cheering crowd.

Officially welcoming the over 15 branches that have been formed in Miseshi ward, Hon Chiteme urged the branches to go flat out and ensure that every person of legal age registered as a Voter. He also emphasized to the gathering that ECZ had streamlined the process, that people were now able to register from anywhere.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are in Ndola or Chipata, one can still register to vote here in Nkana, Kitwe, all one needs is to know the polling station. This is revolutionary in nature, go and spread the word far and near.

“Show us that you are dedicated branches by ensuring that everyone who is 18years and above in your localities registers to vote, it’s their right!” Chiteme challenged.

ECZ yesterday begun the voter registration process across the country. Their target this time around is to capture 9 million voters.

Voters can now register from any nearest registration centre and opt to vote from a polling station of their choice.


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