Edgar Lungu


By Mark Simuuwe

I saw a statement by ECL on lifting of immunity. If I were an MP , he does not even need to wonder about it , it would be the first thing I would lift ; the man was heartless to say the list .

Citizens died at his time , Zambia got highly indebted, and our economy got damaged and mending it is a process. Today he can turn round with hypocrisy thinking people have forgotten?

He is seeking sympathy , has he forgotten that he caged his friend for 127 days yet he is walking and even jogging ?

He could not even allow press conferences in many cases which he is enjoying today .

Has he forgotten the live ammunitions in sesheke on his friends ?

Has he forgotten he arrested his friend about 15 times for no offence ?

Has he forgotten the thousands of citizens whom he fired for coming from other regions and divided the country on ethnic grounds, promoted tribal politics and closed media houses ?

He caged whoever opposed him and was unforgiving . He is calling for trouble on himself after many people in government have opted to ignore his behavior .

In fact , lifting his immunity is long overdue if I had a choice !! He should not dare citizens after causing so much pain . The high unemployment we are no addressing is because of his blind leadership which imposed an employment freeze .

The salary increases for civil servants were frozen ; he refused to pay farmers , intimidated foreign investors .

Destroyed KCM through liquidation , abused state vehicles and used them for campaigns by removing number plates with his PF members .

Your time is gone!! Wait for parliament to debate your immunity lifting if the MPs so wish .

Your public behavior and arrogance speak volumes on the manner you ran a tyrannical government.

The media was damaged and you went and even ensured laws to kill democracy were passed like Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Law .

You even aimed at amending the constitution to completely destroy our democracy through BIll 10; today you want to pretend to love our democracy?

You wanted to pass a law to kill the media completely – do you think we have forgotten?

Instead of enhancing the Public Order act , you aimed to use it to kill democracy.

We will not forget your bad leadership sir ; don’t cry when your accomplices are being caged . You said they can’t arrest you because you are innocent!


  1. It’s heartbreaking to see how young people like Mark have been mis-educated!!
    In the US, challenging a presidential detail attracts lethal force regardless.
    HH was spared by God’s grace.
    Learn to interpret data correctly. By the way, two wrongs can never cure a mischief.

  2. You can’t just lift immunity. Immunity is lifted when there is a prima facie case against a former president.

    Is there a case like that?

    Believe me, if there was, his immunity would have been lifted.

    All the issues raised in the article are true but can they stand the rigour of court process?

    Your conclusion is as good as mine.

    It is not an offence to borrow money on behalf of a country so it can’t be used to take him to court, etc

    • And it’s also not an offense to give $400,000 unaccounted for to your wife when you have no business and are salaried as a president with a K30,000 salary? Are you normal Matokwani Master? Don’t you know there is a case of acquiring wealth presumed to be proceeds of crime? Don’t you know it’s illegal for a sitting president who after dissolving Parliament instructs his ministers to still draw salaries from their former portfolio coffers? Or are you just uneducated? Better shut up man.

  3. Only members of the Zambian version of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) would talk like Mark Simuwe. Christian only by dress code but the heart is full of hatred. Just confess that your uncle has failed brother. You are rookie spin doctors who cant change public opinion. Zambians Deserve Better in 2026. You cant fight the movement. The fire is burning already.

  4. This chikala must be put in jail and left to rot.
    And Big Senior just shut that hole in your face, you seem to be a PF sympathiser a$$hole

  5. Just send ECL the Rebel leader to Rwanda to face treason charges!
    Why are you wasting time on unrepentant hooligans?
    We’ll still blame UPND for betraying the trust of those who put them in power. You were supposed to put a decisive end to the Terrorist and Criminal Organization called PF!


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