‘ECL is certainly a threat in the 2026 election’


ECL Is A Threat:

‘ECL is certainly a threat in the 2026 election’

A USA based UPND sympathiser George N Mtonga says ECL is a threats as he writes; “Remember, we won the election because copperbelt and Eastern province voted for UPND with higher margins than the 2016 election. If ECL runs in 2026 he will certainly lose, but it won’t be by a million votes.

ECL is the only one with the popularity to pose any real threat to UPND.

Remember this, Zambian have already forgotten about what PF was doing. 1.8M voted for ECL and now people have also seen what UPND looks like in power. So it’s unpredictable right now.

I’m curious to see how this unfolds. I would suggest UPND not do things that will create sympathy for ECL, ie arresting him, controlling his movements etc”.

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  1. Mr Mtonga, HH will revert to the Trump “support base” situation in 2026, not sufficient to win.He will need to rig the election.

  2. Mr. Mtonga, you may have forgotten what Lungu did since you live in the USA, but Zambians have not forgotten. Even Lungu himself has not forgotten what he and his thugs did.
    So don’t speak for us while you live in the USA.

  3. This idiot might not even be living in the US, his shallow way of thinking betrays him. No wonder in his rotten dreams he sees Lungu as a threat when normal Zambians see Lungu as material for prison and a finished crook who has NEVER won any legitimate election. STUPID IDIOT

  4. Mr. Lungu MUST be arrested and face the due process of the law for his many crimes including stripping our national treasury to the extent of being worth US$790million by some accounts.

    He deliberately changed the law to make it easy for him to hide his ill gotten wealth by requiring presidential candidates to disclose their assets and liabilities to the ECZ only, whereas before, each candidate had to make a public disclosure.

    Unfortunately, HH has also taken advantage of this retrogressive revision of the law by the PF regime to hide his worth. However, both can rest assured that this nondisclosure wil come back to haunt both of them.


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