ECL Is Embarrassing Himself… ‘ECL has just made himself vulnerable now’


ECL Is Embarrassing Himself:

‘ECL has just made himself vulnerable now’

Former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu on arrival at PF Party Secretariat thought it would be more like a walk in a park, he forgot that even parks have rules. One doesn’t just leave the park and go back as and whenever he or she pleases.

Here are few things to note:

✓ECL with immunity can’t sue Miles Sampa.
✓ECL has to reapply to rejoin PF.
✓ECL has to wait for 3 years to be accepted.
✓ECL can or cannot be accepted back in PF.

As the situation stands, his is blocked from accessing PF Secretariat premises, meaning for him to be PF he has to create faction.

Apparently it is safe to say Miles Sampa has fixed Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s political stubbornness and made him vulnerable.

ECL bragged about being stupid, but he has proved to be beyond stupid.

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  1. Very useless article. ECL is not destroying himself, the who has destroyed himself beyond any redemption measure is the one who is targeting ECL. There’s no need for ECL to sue ka Sampa. The courts will continue where they have stopped after ka Sampa’s sponsor and protector , Hichilema , is out of office. Umulandu ta ubola! Ati no ushalimo akabamo. Even those hiding behind closed doors, will be fished out to explain their role in Joe Biden co-sponsored drama! Money is not everything, but life is everything!

  2. Mukuka MMD barred KK coming back to politics. PF destroyed MMD when it sponsored another faction against Dr. Nevers MUMBA and intimidated RB to come back to active politics. This is nothing new and ECL created a vacuum and he is too late a Hero.

  3. ECL has come too late.
    It will be very difficult to continue this path
    If I was him I would hand over and enjoy my
    Wealth then push myself in this mess at my
    Age.He is not someone who can fight.His
    Colleagues are wrongly guiding him.

  4. First and foremost it is wrong to wish pf i’ll luck because survival depends in quality of Opposition in the Nation.Pf has to blame itself for its current chaotic scenario.There have existed two camps in pf since MCS passed on.One clique of of members mainly non founding members rally behind ECL just the same way they did things to victimize Guy Scott.The other quarter of pf are those members WHO don’t favour ECL.This Situation has been allowed to worden because Of leadership has been doing things Underground by refusing to hold conersion to select the new party president because this Portfolio has been secretly preserved for ECL.This stratergy started by giving Lubinda the Care taker responsibility of the party and reinforcing ECL ‘s GRIP to pf control by bringing in Nakacinda AS new pf SG.Current SG and ECL are very Close friends remember how Nakacinda worked with Mutati and consequent appointment of him, Nakacinda by ECL ? A clear transparent discussion AS regards ECL coming back to active politics should have been an Open subject for the party membership and not selected indiviuals.Voting could have solved most of the challenges PF is facing today and that could have Made the party the most formidable Opposition and an alternative government after upnd.This development will definitely cheer upnd but in Essence democracy maybe impared or stunted per se In have reservations ….from Berlin


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