ECL IS RIGHT…Free education, ZNS cheap mealie meal, unproductive FISP, poorly planned CDF is leading Zambia to a collapse- NOBERT MUMBA




ECL, understood in context, is right. Free education, ZNS cheap mealie meal, unproductive FISP, poorly planned CDF is leading Zambia to a collapse as what happened under the UNIP government of Kenneth Kaunda. Quite obviously a number of people were young but be reminded that free education, free medical services subsidised mealie meal collapsed Zambia to the extent that you had to queue hours for any essential. Eventually this was coined as being “borne with a copper spoon”;

1. Subsidy must be in context. Free education must go to those that need it while those that can afford must contribute to education.
2. Similarly, ZNS cost of producing mealie is the most expensive in the industry because its costs are basically hidden in a government budgetary allocation and its renumeration structure is way above a typical milling plant. Where ZNS is collaborating with selected millers, it is obvious there is a deal to cushion the miller’s for them to sell at below market prices.

3. In the same vein, ill-planned CDF with constituencies littered with inefficiently utilised graders and other road making equipment is not as effective as deploying resources to do a proper road running through several constituencies that will spur economic activity.

4. Similarly, putting up one or two big well equipped schools in a district with boarding facilities is far better than putting up poorly equipped schools without teacher housing everywhere. Remember we clamour for Hilcrest, David Kaunda, St Mary’s ECL school etc because of quality infrastructure and teaching environment.

5. The increase in enrolment in schools is not as a result of free education because even under previous regimes there was an instruction that no child should be turned away from school because of uniform or fees. What kept enrolments lower than now, was schools closing enrolments when authorised numbers were attained. Weren’t we aware of the corruption cries by parents during enrolment periods?

Headteachers were even investigated for corruption for over enrolling. So attributing increased enrolment to parents failing to pay K200 per term or K66/school month is falsely pacifying ourselves. Equally, transferring the financial burden of educating a child from parents to government is suicidal for economic stability.

6. So lets not lie to ourselves because contrary to understanding our indebtedness cannot be resolved as government is borrowing every two weeks on the domestic market to sustain its operations. It is still contracting debt, and we are becoming more indebted. Like every previous government, they leave the mess for the next government to sort out and the people to endure the pain.

7. By the way there was no “free education” under Dr Kaunda’s government because when you completed after university or college you were bonded to work only for government or government approved institutions even when there were a lot of lucrative jobs around. One was bonded for four years.

The truth sometimes hurts but this is only the truth. Pleasant day.


  1. Honestly, Hakainde is totally clueless on how to run the economy. Let us vote him out in 2026. I am sure he has made more than enough money in his one term in office.

    • Ba Indigo, and who do we replace him with?

      In my assessment, none of the current crop of opposition leaders is mature enough and ready to takeover the presidency in 2026, including the disaster who is Mr. Lungu. .

    • I think it’s you who is clueless about how economy works. How is it that a man who “clueless” has managed to grow the economy from -2.8% to about 4.5% at a time when big economies like Japan and UK have gone into recession? Your hatred of president HH has blinded you from seeing things from an objective angle.
      For starters, free education is not consumption but an investment so that a population can contribute positively to the development of the country. I’m sure you and writer of this article don’t know that the levels of education directly correlates with levels of development in a country. Meaning if a country has higher levels of education, they have higher levels of development. Secondly, free education is meant for the underprivileged and those who can afford to take their children school of costs involved, it’s not meant for those who can afford it and it’s not mandatory for everyone to take their child to a government school where there is free education. For those who can afford, they can send their children to private schools and pay whatever fees are required and there is nothing wrong with that but it’s very wrong to deprive others of education just because they can’t afford it. Yes there are challenges which need to be resolved but cancelling free education just because of challenges is nothing short of shooting ourselves in the foot because sooner than letter we are going to have a an illiterate population which will be very disastrous for the country. Mind you we are now in the 4IR where education is very important and we can’t afford to have uneducated population in this age.

  2. Dont be fooled, Nobert Mumba is speaking nonsense again just like he used to when he was a UNZASU activist. His father, that was working for HPF (Hybrid Paultry Farm) was a top UNIP vigilante and this meant his family including Nobert Mumba were “favoured” in the UNIP Government.
    So Nobert has never suffered in life and enjoyed the best life and facilities at the expense of the poor.
    Without shame, Nobert is talking of closing PF school enrolments which had fixed numbers as if this was a solution. He cant even explain what would happen to kids that were left out. They ended up as street kids without any hope of a better life and Nobert doesn’t care. What kind of rubbish is that. He is content with armies of unemployed and uneducated youths hanging around streets while he enjoys a better but corrupt life.
    His sister extremely greedy and corrupt Stella Chibanda, still serving jail, is an example of how greedy and rotten Nobert Mumba’s family values.
    Yet he is beneficiary of the same free Education which he doesn’t others to benefit from. As society, do we really need such people around us? Hypocrites, send him to jail.

  3. The choice is between having an illiterate population while attempting to sort out challenges related to overcrowding or providing some level of education while addressing issues of overcrowding.

  4. Mr so called Indigo is another bitter man. He needs to buy alot of BP tablets especially those that treat bitterness and hatred because HH wil finish his term in 2031 and UPND will continue ruling thereafter. By that time, the Lobito railway will be done, the Serenje Mpika Road done, Ndola Lusaka completed. Chingola chilibombwe Rd is completed already. Mpopani is back , and so is Kcm. The list is endless. Economy now growing at a positive number !

    • Nobert Mumba is one of the selfish, greedy Arsewhores. He only thinks of himself, leaving the needy and deserving children at the mercy of other wolves which is shameful.

  5. Norbert, stope being a chikala and a mouth piece for King Chikala Lungu.
    You are already a baboon and now you are making all the monkeys in the wild look even more stup1d

  6. If Nobert thinks Education is expensive, let him try ignorance!
    Cholera is a good example of what happens when literacy levels are low! Cholera and other diseases have now become annual ceremonies, thanks to years of neglect to invest in education of our citizens! ECL should just shut up because he diminished the value of education during his misrule!
    From the time Chiluba discontinued Free Education, Successive governments have paid lip service to the need to invest in the Education of our citizens!
    An Educated Nation is a well-informed nation!
    Democracy works better when literacy levels are better!
    You can’t be talking about Cholera when your population is well-educated!
    During ECL’S terrible reign, cadres used to look down on Education!
    ECL was comfortable taking advantage of the uneducated masses than empowering them with good manners and a good education!
    It did not bother ECL to see children learning under trees or sitting on the floor! It did not bother ECL to have one teacher teaching between 300 and 500 pupils!
    Bad politicians like ECL are happy to keep populations uneducated so that they can easily manipulate them!
    Those days are gone!
    Zambia is going to be great soon!
    The only caution to UPND is not to gloat and become too complacent!
    The work to restore Sanity in Zambia is still in a fragile state!
    Do not allow hijackers to undo the work done so far!
    Yes, there will be many setbacks but make sure you remain focused!
    Don’t be distracted or intimidated by some of our gray haired men.
    Benangu bali chabe na gray hair. Nzelu simaningi … Kikikiki


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