By Tutwa Ngulube

We need genuine reconciliation not lip service. Under international Best Practices you can’t invite a Former President and treat him like he is not around.

  1. Hypocrisy is when the Members of the cartel denied RB a pass port to go for medical check up. When EL gave him with permission of Sata .They went for EL with their News papers .Has any one head the Members of the Cartel mention that they denied RB a pass port for medical treatment .

2.Hypocrisy is when you accuse EL that he facilitated for the acquittal of RB who was supposed to be jailed . Where are those who complained when RB was aquitted.

  1. Hypocrisy is to cerebrate RB when you got upset when his immunity was given back.
  2. Hypocrisy is to cerebrate RB when you called him Nyamasoya.
  3. Hypocrisy is to cerebrate RB when you claimed that his government was the most corrupt in history.
  4. Hypocrisy is demanding respect from the former head of state when you never recognised him.
  5. Hypocrisy is calling for unity when you preached violence in the opposition .

9.Hypocrisy is preaching peace on camera when people in Government companies from other regions are being persecuted on account of supporting the previous administration.


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