Minister of Mines Richard Musukwa

Former Mines Minister Richard Musukwa says the UPND only wanted to gain cheap political sympathy by suspending their campaigns in honour of Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

And Musukwa says the PF is not worried about the UPND’s “petty” campaigns because President Edgar Lungu is Zambia’s number one choice.

In an interview, Musukwa said the resumption of the UPND campaigns was expected because the party lacked consistency.

“We were not excited because we know that that is how they [UPND] are. It was never thought through properly so we expected that. Not just lack of consistency but they wanted to seek political sympathy but they have seen that the cheap political sympathy they wanted to win was not there. They wanted artificial cheap political sympathy. It was nothing intended to give a genuine hero’s departure for Dr Kenneth Kaunda. They thought they would drive cheap sympathy,” Musukwa said.

“Zambians cannot fall for that. Zambians actually ignored them. Because what they are doing over the death of KK is different from all our former presidents. This one is a celebration of a Zambian hero across the world. He is a man that had left footprints and a legacy. So you cannot dramatize over KK’s death because this is a world icon. KK does not belong to Zambia, he belongs to the world. So you cannot sit with your small political party and want to think you can create an impact, NO.”

Musukwa added that the PF was not threatened as Zambians had already decided that President Lungu was their number one choice.

“No. How can the resumption of UPND campaigns threaten PF when we have always planned for the 90 days campaign? We have not been threatened because we have no issues. Their campaign is petty and personal. Nothing different that they can do this time because everything they talk about is what Edgar Lungu and PF are implementing. That is why Edgar Lungu alebwelelapo. He has demonstrated serious stewardship for the people of Zambia. Edgar Lungu is Zambia’s choice number one,” he said.


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