DUNDUMWEZI Constituency Member of Parliament, Edgar Sing’ombe, has charged that in as much as corrupt individuals may exist in the New Dawn Administration, Former Republican President, Edgar Lungu, has no moral standing to speak out against the vice.

Sing’ombe tells Byta FM News in an interview that during Lungu’s tenure as President, Ministers accused of being corrupt could continue in their capacity without dismissal to pave way for investigations.

He has accused the former Head of State of having openly endorsed corruption in his administration by being tolerant to perpetrators of the vice.

Following corruption allegations involving former Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo, Lungu described the fight against corruption under the New Dawn Government as a shame.

Lungu said the fight only appears to be targeted on the opposition while protecting individuals aligned to the United Party for National Development-UPND.

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  1. Lungusha is a shameless idiot who has no moral right to talk about corruption, the idiot is the most corrupt animal this country has ever had as an illegal president, a thief, a looter, a plunderer, a murderer, a gasser and a STUPID IDIOT.

  2. We are very unfortunate people on this planet.We have always stood on the side of losers in a way vividly because starting from Our own KK(MHSRIP) there was no cooperation between the ex and the incumbent presidents.I feel we have to do overtime work to overcome this challenge.Lungu could have been slleeping on duty but it doent mean he doesnt know how corruption goes on in govt.And the fact that he is Zambian is entitled to voice out his voice in these matters,its his right.HH and the next President must break this record by being close leaders ,Zambians will benefit a lot.Lungu may have been a failure but he can advise .A good player does not always make a good Coach.This sour relationship may point rightly to the fact that our leaders dont cherish to leave Office which is wrong or that the incoming presidents always want to avenge what they had gone through.This is not right either way.Vegence is for the Lord to execute on our behalf and as a Zambian I know that when a leader is being kicked back and right by those in govt ,we always stand with the victim.All these elements must be taken into account by those bros n sisters in govt at any given time. From Berlin


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