Thur. April 18, 2024

6th President His Excellency Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is also Patriotic Front President ,is leading a high powered delegation to Mongu for the Kuomboka Ceremony.

The Kuomboka Ceremony is being graced by Mwine Lubemba His Royal Highness the Chiti Mukulu Kanyanta Manga II of the Bemba People of Luapula Province.

President Lungu’s delegation includes Members of the PF Central Committee, Members of Parliament and several party functionaries.


  1. Who are the high powered delegation. To me I compare them to Ali baba and the 40 thieves. Lousy lot who have no respect nor regard for the head of state. No dignity. Desperado

  2. ECL gets invited by the Litunga himself.

    Hakainde is trying to gate crash the ceremony, not invited.

    I hope there will be no treason charges slapped on ECL when their motorcade meet.

    • Invited to attend a ceremony in a country he is the president? I wonder what you people asking HH to stay away are smoking? Was Lungu invited? No!Can he attend ?of course, he is a citizen of the Republic of Zambia.

  3. This country is being taken as a joke for THIEVES, CROOKS AND murderers. The freedom President Hakainde Hichilema is being turned into anarchy and it is going to end in tears for others. There’s no respect being shown to the President. One day each province is going to become an independent country. That’s what Fred Mumembe is looking for:make the country ungovernable.

  4. This man is really childish.
    And this is the person who was at the helm of power. There is no dignity in what he does or say.
    No wonder everything had come to it’s knees.

  5. I really feel pity of this Country called Zambia were criminals, murderers can be entertained and celebrated even after killing people and people see it happen but they come again to be seen to be wise people while covering themselves in the blood smeared clothes or skin while the people who escaped from the same animals embrace and feel good of the same robbers.

    Like I always say, that the good thing is that everyone of us will one day die and go to meet the owner of life to whom a report has to submitted about what one did while he or she was still alive. That time will definitely come under so whatever.

    It is also written in Psalms 90 verse 1-12 that when one reaches 70 years time for misery will start ( and we vanish like flowers which glitters in the morning but in the afternoon it withers ) and when by the grace of God you reach 100 years or so you will even be taken to or at Care homes of the Elderly and time will still catch up with you to be like a baby where the issue of dippers will take centre stage and up with you. Someone had to take care of you even your strength will no longer be in you, it will be misery, just waiting to go out of this life.

    I have seen powerful people become powerless because of age. Not even power that you are fighting for this time or money you are stealing and invest all over the world will be there to make you enjoy life. It will be meaningless. Chasing after the wind.

    But again why, why celebrate and speak evil of the President just because he was right to say Zambia is a unitary state and it is one Zambia one Nation? there’s nothing like dividing this Country but I see these – these robbers who were even leaders pretending to be heard just because of thirsty of being in power again,- power ! including Mr. Wheel barrows Mulusa sure , the likes of menomeno. Surely even our respected King, the Litunga can feel good of this and probably think they will overshadow the Republican President . Come on my people! You can’t Marcy HH he doesn’t care about what people think but service to the people. This is not the way to face issues. Verily verily as long as Zambia remains a Republic and unitary state there’s nothing that can happen to have Barotseland state, nothing even these thieves who were in power for ten years can’t do anything they just want to blind and isolate some of your people.

    As our traditional leaders you have to learn that we being led by you and nothing like the likes of ESAU in the Bible who sold his eldership because of hunger. Icakulya

    I pity and cry for mother Zambia. But the good thing and message is that God has the way off doing things. Remember how the Israelites were taken out of slavery in Egypt to the promised land, most of those who wanted to go back to Egypt and start suffering again (Mubusha.) Most of them were wiped out and only their children reached the promised land.
    The old folks had very stuck and imitwe iishakosa. This situation, I see……,..

    God is doing another thing altogether

    • Just come up with your points of view. Don’t insult the former president or any other person. Any person is free to attend the kuomboka ceremony.

  6. African politics! Leave ECL alone and respect him. He is not in power so he has no power to bother you. Whites have reached the moon and they have no hunger, but we are even failing to reach the village We are busy insulting and very hungry!

    Isn’t our IQ questionable?

  7. How do you trust a story which has some wrong information. The writer is saying Chitimukulu the chief of Bemba people of Luapula Province instead of Northern Province. What else is not true in this Story?

  8. Kuomboka is a dangerous enterprise these days because of Barotse politics! BRE is to blame! Someone was charged with Treason last time.
    We pray tables don’t turn!
    This year’s Kuomboka is a classical case of Bamukolwe nga bafula … Too many guests of honor is a recipe for confusion!
    Hope the organizers have put in necessary measures for Law and order!
    We hope our State Security has put in place high level security for the Head of State who has confirmed attendance against the wish of some Barotse extremists!


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