ECL MEANT WELL FOR THE COUNTRY……during his leadership, the country witnessed unprecedented infrastructure development, says Fr. Chikoya



……during his leadership, the country witnessed unprecedented infrastructure development, says Fr. Chikoya

Lusaka… Thursday 4, 2024 (SMART EAGLES)

Former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu meant well for this country, says Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) General Secretary Fr. Emmanuel Chikoya.

Speaking when he featured on the Conversation Podcast hosted by Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba last evening, Fr. Chikoya said under President Lungu, the country witnessed massive infrastructure development.

The Clergyman said President Lungu did well when it came to infrastructure development where the country witnessed the construction of roads, schools, hospitals among other infrastructure developments.

“When you engage and talk to him (President Lungu), he meant well. President Lungu was available to talk despite occupying a busy office. He was willing to let go all the protocols in order to see us in a room without any security personnel,” he said.

“He did his part when it comes to infrastructure development, and I can say he did his part.”

The CCZ Secretary General also indicated that the current President Hakainde Hichilema was voted into office in large numbers by Zambians but that he has failed to fix what he promised to fix while in office.

Fr. Chikoya said President Hichilema while in opposition cited poor leadership in government hence the promise to fix the country.

He said even issues such as the outbreak of cholera and the current drought, President Hichilema cited poor leadership from those then in government the scenario he is faced with at the moment.

Fr. Chikoya emphasized that Zambians expect nothing from the Head of State but the best such as dealing with the high cost of living faced by majority Zambians.


  1. Another Mwamba attempt to twist the facts.

    If ECL meant well for Zambians why isnt explaining that? Why isnt telling us the truth how he allowed Ministers to continue serving under him when they were tainted? Why did accept for Nkandu Luo to be his running mate when he knew that a Chinese firm had been paid to build a Univerisity and did nothing on the ground with the money they had been paid?
    Why isnt he trying to right that wrong by being honest and sincere? Tell the Chinese government that their citizens were criminals and stole public funds?
    Father Chikoya, careful with Mwamba. He will taint your good name.
    Lungu has a mouth and only opens it when he benefits from it. Let him use it to benefit Zambians and first admit that he messed up. Apologies. And right wrongs. Even in christianity God says ask for forgiveness, admit that you are wrong, show remorse. We dont see that in the sinner Lungu. Instead we people like you and Mwamba trying to astone for his misdeeds. What a shame….

  2. Chikoya please stick to the bible because you now being quoted on things you did say. You are a young man concentrate on things you know best. The man you’re praising left the country in a long debilitating debt that will affect yourself and your grand children’s children. Why do you think there so many street vendors, so much poverty. Think of rural dwellers who cannot trade in the street, are they not God’s creation. Please don’t think that because you live well in Lusaka you start praising wrong things
    Use your conscience not you fame. Shame on a so called a man of God to lie blatantly without shame
    Reflect, may you don’t deserve that collar around your neck.

  3. Most buses like Power tools, Juldan and Likili stopped going to Mwinilunga because of the state of the poor and very bad road. In most areas in the country there’s was that cry of roads not being passable even for the few that were done by your edga changwa there now full of potholes
    yes there most good roads that were done in Lusaka and Copperbelt

    Ba father look around in your just being at one point but in your head and see the whole country if it benefited from the expensive roads or other infrastructure from PF or by pf – segregation. You as a father you are, it seems also part of the segregation cartel. I wish you were imitating the Lord Jesus Christ who came not only for the Jews but for both the Jews and Gentiles kanshi imwe nimuli skin fye but mind nipali brown envelope eyo babomfwa pakutuma ama application letters. Too bad

  4. Ba Father, have you heard about FTJ University here in Luapula? The infrastructure you re talking about, do you know at what costs? Are you aware thar Ndola- lusaka dual was costed at $1.2 billion and UPND is doing same road at $600 million. Are you aware that the roads were done in Lusaka and Kitwe only and are already damaged? Go to Ipusukilo in Kitwe. Are you aware that the great North road and Chingola chililabombwe and Ndola Lusaka are key roads ? Chingola Chililabombwe is done! So, why did your PF concentrate on Lusaka roads and in particular, state lodge and Forest 27 only? We Zambians are not fools. In your own wisdom, you chose not to talk about the debt which Lungu left and many other crimes. It’s Okey. We will be there in 2026.

  5. All the past presidents meant well for Zambia.

    It is just the current one that means well to his LGBT masters

    Vote wisely in 2026.

      • One wonders if he is not one of the administrators posing as a person. From tribal insults to actual insults this man is here to spread inaccuracies about Lungu and PF. Even Judas who betrayed Jesus is an understatement. Yes, there is diversity of thought; and it should be allowed but when one betrates others because of their facts, the said moderators need to act. And we dont see it.

  6. What demon has entered Fr. Chikoya this is not him; You demons out! …out!….out! in the mighty name of Lord Jesus I bind the demonic powers in Fr. Chikoya. You demons Let his mind be set free…out! Free his mind and thoughts. Amen.
    We expect Men of God to be non-aligned and stand in between heaven and earth and not just earth.

  7. Awisi Chikoya, your points are correct. The question is why have you not built 200 ultra modern church buildings on borrowed money for people to worship in comfort?
    People will say Awisi Chikoya did well on building churches!
    Where will the money to pay back come from? The devil is in the details, not so?

    Case closed.

  8. Foolish man and a big disgrace to the body of christ.the same idiot chikoya as constitutional coalition 2000 chairperson accused lungunof being undemocratic and not being sincere with the constitution review.just eat the few pieces of silver you have received from lungu.Shame on you


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