….I say I watched in disbelief because the behaviour of my brother amounts to mocking Zambians over their favourite staple food, nshima, which comes from maize meal….


THE other day I watched in disbelief, my brother – Mr Hakainde Hichilema – encouraging Zambians to consider cassava meal as a great alternative to maize meal because it lasts longer in the tummy. He said Zambians must seriously consider this as an action plan despite the fact that cassava meal has a “smell” which people in some parts of the country don’t like.

I say I watched in disbelief because the behaviour of my brother amounts to mocking Zambians over their favourite staple food, nshima, which comes from maize meal. Because he understands how Zambians love their nshima, aka bwali, he promised to reduce the price of mealie-meal to K50 from an average of K120, during our time as PF in government. He said K120 was beyond the reach of most Zambians amidst the high cost of living.

Today, the price of mealie-meal is averaging K400 with the cost of living shooting through the roof, leaving no signs of the mealie-meal price ever going down. Instead of apologizing and explaining to Zambians why they have failed to reduce the price of mealie-meal as per their promise, the so-called New Dawn government started to encourage Zambians to resort to roller-meal “which is cheaper and healthier”.
And now that he has heard most Zambians complain that they can’t afford three meals a day, my brother is telling them to resort to cassava meal because it lasts longer in the tummy. This is a mockery to the Zambians who were deceived that this government would reduce the cost of living because the opposite is now the new dawn.

And when a Catholic priest reminds them to reduce the price of mealie-meal and the cost of living as per their promise, they threaten to arrest the priest for hate speech. So reminding the UPND in government to fulfil their campaign promises now amounts to hate speech, which can actually send such complainants to prison. No doubt, it is now very clear that what most Zambians expected to be a new dawn is actually a new doom. Napafita! So UKAni ma Zambians and fight for your rights, fight for the real dawn. Kwacha! Ukani!
In which shops are you going to find cassava meal across the country and at what price?

Your new dawn Minister of Energy is now asking you to brace yourselves for an imminent increase in electricity tariffs by ZESCO when they promised you a reduction in the tariffs. The price of fuel they promised to reduce has now more than doubled. Ka exchange rate kena kulabakofye.

Anyway, let me stop here before I receive a CALL OUT to appear before the police for hate speech. In any case, we are more than ready and resolved to be arrested for reminding this government about its dismal performance.

Edgar C. Lungu
Zambia’s Sixth President
and Patriotic Front President


  1. Does Hichilema get any advise before he speaks out? It’s not about Cassava Nshima lasting longer in the stomach , or about it having a scent (Hichilema called it “smell”, translated from vernacular, in English we say “scent”) , it’s about the price. If his advisors didn’t do a research before telling him what to say, they should do a research now, because Cassava meal is equally expensive! It’s about K400.00 for a 25 Kg. And cassava nshima can not be prepared by any Mary or Jim or Jack! It requires some some special technic to prepare it! Even eating it, is not as easy as eating maize meal Nshima, it requires some special way of handling it in the palm! So it’s not just to wake up and say anything without researching on it! Better to ask first!

  2. ELC does not realize diversity in foods assures food security. Any way he is smatting from the spanking he received.

    Shameless long man

  3. There is no mockery in what HH advised about eating cassava meal. Are you trying to say cassava is inferior? If for example there is hunger in the country will people reject to eat rice for example. Your excellency ECL I think you should think carefully about your statements because they are just malicious confrontations against our head of state.

    • Then let him sell cassava instead of maize to DRC. Why akoselapo selling our maize reserves that his friend left as food security in August 2021? Busy selling things he has not worked for. These are bad manners.

      Vote wisely in 2026.

  4. Some comments here are very inferior. Do you need an advisor to say that Cassava meal is an alternative to maize meal? After all , maize is an allien crop which came from Brazi. The context of what HH said is about crop diversification in view of unpredictable climatic conditions. For PF , everything is politics; that’s why all they want is go back to government and steal again. Never!!!!!. In 2026 we will vote for HH and UPND. After all, here in Northwesten, we grow more Cassava for nsima and maize is for sell

  5. These pfidiots forget that they were telling people to buy kandolo if they can’t afford bread and today ati what? How stupid can you be…..

  6. Sometimes Ignorance is manifested by what you say
    Casava is a staple food for millions in Africa and across the world
    Here in Zambia it is a staple food source for millions of people.
    Here comes our ECL saying it smells.
    Just keep quiet or people we realizes your dumbness

  7. I don’t think there is anything wrong to suggest some alternative to maize meal. Actually it’s logical and only fools can find a fault. Cassava is even nutritious. Lungu and his PF shouldn’t forget that there are the ones who have brought us this far. The economy is in bad shape due to their seven years of mismanagement. I also doubt if zambians can bring vote back PF only to come and reverse all the grains brought about by HH & UPND. Remember it’s not UPND that has brought draught to cause hunger and load shedding. Politics is not involved here. I am optimistic by end of first term the current achievements would have been doubled to shame government critics.

    • You are very much right and you have said it rightly!
      Any normal being can’t buy this retórica. It’s too childish.

  8. Cassava is eaten in Luapula.DRC northern, western, north western, Angola, Central Africa ,Nigeria ect. Mr Alebwelako Google cassava and you will see what cassava can do, It is a shame for Zambia to have had a president of your calibre.

  9. I wish your mouth could be ashamed to open up anyhow in public, don’t you have the brain to investigate yourself that it is because of your reckless borrowing of the euro bond and criminality of your government that lead to this situation where things are hard to bring them down to normal,had you left money in the coffer things could have been okey by this time, stop this nonsense and begin to speak like a former head of state otherwise even a toddler is better than your behaviour


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