Banda Sakanya

Copperbelt Kalulushi


Speaking to chiefs in Sinazongwe, ECL promised chiefs to probe ECZ innefficiencies with regard to voter registration exercise currently going on.
He however called on Chiefs to ensure people register in numbers. He said people should be encouraged to register before asking for an extension.

We know that ECL is obsessed with third term and is now banking on ECZ having lost out on bill 10 and that is the more reason why old voter register has been discarded to favour him by registering more from PF strong hold and register less from opposition strong holds.

His speech to Southern Chiefs was sugar toxic because that is where NRC issuance and voter registration had been halted by KAMPYONGO and Essau Chulu.

How can people be encouraged to register in numbers if kits are limited, the pace is slow and in a day only 70 – 100 people are being captured leaving out a que of over 500 people everyday?

People are already eager and ready to register for one reason to kick ECL out but are being frustrated with endless long ques and slow pace by ECZ.

What is it that ECL will investigate when people have already complained of short period, slow pace and less man power to which ECZ acknowledged to increase manpower?

Why is he arrogantly against the extension as though he is part of ECZ when he is just a stake holder like any other political party?

His accession as a stake holder to say that he will investigate ECZ leaves more questions than answers because he is on record having said ECZ is independent and he does not interfere in its operations, but how come today he wants to investigate the Electoral Commission?

Is there screcy behind curtains with Esau Chulu and Nshindano that other stake holders are not aware off?

We expect ECZ to call for an urgent stake holders meeting to iron out various concerns than ECL making statements of investigations when he is a mare stake holder as well.

If he maint what he said, then ECL is playing double standards with ECZ.


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