ECL Should Stop Playing With People’s Emotions


I am disappointed with the former Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with his language of trying to confront people with his daunting language due to the freedom space in the country, that he never used to accord others, especially the biggest opposition party then, UPND.

2015 :A vehicle, owned by PF cadres that was trailing Mr. Hichilema’s convoy
I would urge him to stop playing with people’s emotions especially the current Republican President His Excellence Dr. Hakainde Hichilema who he several times sent his thugs to eliminate him to the extent of him sometimes using unworthy exit outlets. Zambians are still alive to the thuggery behavior of his party cadres that even included members of parliament then.

It is therefore shocking for him to think Zambians have forgotten and would be swayed into believing him that the state of the country currently is worse than during his reign up to the time he wanted to hand over power to himself against people’s wish.

He should be reminded that playing to the gallery would not help but will just reduce him to a mere cadre when he is supposed to be the statesman by now. It is good that President Hakainde Hichilema is smart to be reduced to commenting on such open lies.

In which regime did we see people burning money with impunity without arrest when that is a serious offence that needed people to be arrested? In which reign did media houses have the biggest disruptions of programs by where UPND membership were being hosted, if not in his regime.

It is for this reason that ECL should be cautious enough as he mobilizes the opposition political parties into an alliance by not opening the healing wounds of the Republican President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND Alliance members, barely two and half years after a traumatizing campaign trail for the current ruling party UPND Alliance.

We are critically watching your maneuvers because you are trading on a path of crying sympathy to the outside world when you are found wanting. Take this freedom with caution and never abuse it.

Wisdom Muyunda


  1. ECL is “smart” but in a crooked way!
    The biggest mistake President HH and UPND have made is failing to dismantle the PF machinery deeply imbedded in ALL public institutions! This is the machinery that is frustrating implementation of GRZ programs to make Banene look like a total failure! You were warned to clean the system but you chose to play “Tuchawa” with thugs!
    There is a good reason why key positions are changed when taking over power!
    Even this Economic meltdown wouldn’t be this severe if the New Dawn had taken on board some of the suggestions some members were putting across, especially in the area of Fuel, Electricity and Fertilizer costs. Our local Economy would have been greatly cushioned had the New Dawn taken some of the suggestions on board.
    Of course we know what the Elephant in the Room is – the Debt Crisis Situation left by the “Kongola Twibe Ubomba Mwibala gang.”
    We told you ba UPND not to treat PF and ECL with kid gloves! See now how they are regrouping to get back at you?
    And trust me, don’t take ECL’S emotional outbursts lightly!
    His coming back is not to serve Zambians but to revenge!
    There is a good reason Shaka said “Never leave an enemy behind or it will regroup and aim for your throat!”
    HH and UPND risk getting exterminated should ECL be erroneously allowed back!
    Do something to stop his schemes before it’s too late.
    Some of us don’t even want to see his buckteeth again!
    He is a clown with nothing to offer!
    Madness is re-electing the same failures and expecting different results!
    Sometimes Zambians can be very irritating! How can the whole country put their hope in Two individuals, HH and ECL?
    Are we not over 20 million other Zambians we can choose leaders from?
    Let’s stop worshipping failures!
    We can do better!

  2. If Lungu can not comprehend the bad things that his leadership did to this country, then he should have been drunk throughout his presidency , but what compounds that is the softness of government not to make him account for those wrong things leading him to think he was cool after all. If he cannot be made to account , he will convince himself like now that he was a super ruler. It is high time he was made to account. Unfortunately his calibre also is so much below that of a person who can lead, he is basically a kaponya.

  3. Well stated article. The grassroot of UPND should go around reminding people of the treatment by PF cadres. Gassing lighting cigarettes with a k100 note by cadres etc. Tell the people who really has caused the high cost of living in the country by over borrowing to put in their pockets fir luxurious living.


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