After deep thought and reflection into my political and personal life, I have come to the conclusion that Edgar Changwa Lungu was mishandled as a former President by GRZ and mismanaged by the PF party. Yes he was no saint as a President and gave the power to cadres hence the “state capture” by business gurus.

I will share a life experience with you about a grandfather whose name simply translated to “The soil is calling” he was feared by all and it was believed he practiced wizardry. I remember growing up, he would come visit us as early as 04AM and make sure we polished his shoes, warm water for him to bath, demand for blue seal Vaseline then break fast and finally when my father would wake up and give him transport money.

A lot of stories were told about him but we came to experience an altercation with him when I lost my father in 1994 after arrangements to bury in Lusaka were changed to follow his will to be buried at the village in Chadiza.

My grandfather vehemently unleashed a threat that if my father was NOT buried in the grave in Lusaka, another family member will die, to feed the grave. After a wrangle it was concluded that a banana stump be buried in Lusaka and we proceeded to the village for my father’s burial.

Fast forward, after burial, stories lingered in family corners that grandpa kept my father’s shadow in his bedroom and we were advised never to engage with him but unfortunately/ fortunately for me, he loved me to pieces, at one time when I was young, he made me a chair that made me feel like a king as no one was allowed to sit in it but me.

He continued visiting me at sunrise and I developed a liking for him as I learnt that he was a super construction expert as he was part of the team that constructed the original Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

We had an open ended contract that saw him do all construction works for me while I took care of his rentals and monthly needs. He took me through my first marriage negotiations /discussions, traditional norms before my marriage preparations and was there for me when I had marital disputes, even problems at work. At one time he asked me if I believed he had kept my father’s shadow in his house, but we laughed it off.

He later had a stroke and lost his speech but always visited, and he would travel with me at times during funerals. I learnt a lot from him and miss him after he passed on some years back, MHSCRIP.

He left me wisdom that has helped me through life. And I am fully protected against any evil weapon/witchcraft that can ever be used against me, “story for another day”

This experience taught me to always remember all souls that I have crossed paths with for the GOOD they have been to/with me and not the BAD.

In conclusion let’s accept, forgive ECL and treat him with respect and dignity and learn something from his experience. He should be kept busy as a statesman, remember he’s the only living former President we have as a nation.

One Zambia, One Nation – OZON



  1. A president cannot be a bad person per se , that’s what I know.And ECL is no exception.The problem which is there is his managers.Many people join politics to amass wealth and not to improve ordinary people’s lives .When people fight the party in govt they have a host of hidden obectives far different from what they preach about during rallies.After winning that’s when they show true colours of what they are: busy stealing Mukula, precious stones,engage in corrupt practices etc .Most people are not heroes, heroes fight for others and in most cases die poor,not rich…

  2. If indeed ECL was mismanaged, it’s a confirmation that he wasn’t fit to be President. He lacked the capacity to distinguish the grain from the chaff.

  3. I beg to differ on the issue of forgiving and moving on. Our leaders take us for granted because once they vacate the presidency, there are no consequences for the crimes they commit in their personal capacity while in office, for instance corruption.

    So far, no former president has seriously faced the law for their misdeeds. Mr. Mwanawasa tried to hold Mr. Chiluba to account but he was let off by Mr. Rupiah Banda after the demise of Mr. Mwanawasa. Mr. Banda in turn engaged in some shady deals with his son Henry. Mr. Sata tried to hold him to account but he similarly was let off the hook by Mr. Lungu after the passing on of Mr. Sata. Mr. Lungu then went on to engage in unprecedented corruption through his “uubomba mwibala alya mwibala” philosophy.

    Clearly, our presidents will not cease to misbehave as long as they face no consequences for their greed. So far, they have all gotten away with it. Mr. Lungu has not accounted for the wantom corruption he and his ilk engaged in. He must account for all the obscene wealth he accumulated during his presidency, rumoured to be about US$89million.

    HH is not an angel either and he is not above corruption. It is interesting that both Mr. Lungu and Mr. Hichilema have refused to publicly disclose their assets and liabilities.

    We will accord our former presidents dignity only when they stop treating the national treasury like their personal ATM.

  4. You told a very long story which still at the end did not collaborate with ECL’s conduct as a president. There’s no excuse what so ever to have ECL as a President. We gambled on him following Fube and Tutwa’s actions in 2021. That’s why you shouldn’t trust lawyers, Fube, Tutwa, Sangwa, including LAZ. They are mostly immoral, lack on ethics and integrity. They swing both ways and their only interest is money win-or lose they still gate paid. Lungu is the most corrupt leader we have ever had. Even going back 2 months ago, he was still receiving tax payers money, and being rented a house when he knew for sure he was still active in politics. We need to punish bad behaviour. Most of you talk of the West being bad and biased, but in the west they don’t reward criminals.

  5. Any person above the age of 18 years cannot be mismanaged unless they are imbeciles!
    An Adult has the power to say yes or no, and therefore fully responsible and accountable for their words and actions!

  6. I fail to relate the life experience in this article to ECL. Zero! And ECL is not a plant for instance that needs to watered by someone to grow otherwise it’d die. So sir try again your article to relate your life experience and ECL.

  7. Mr. Chaka Zulu has told a story of his grandfather, whom he has likened to former president Edgar Lungu. While Zambians are willing to forgive Lungu for his repressive and undemocratic governance when he was in power and treat him with respect and dignity, Lungu himself is not behaving like someone who deserves respect. Lungu does not want to be treated as a former head of state and a statesman , but an arrogant opposition leader..Mr. Chaka Zulu should be reminded that Edgar Lungu spat on the retirement package due to him as former head of state, calling it crumbs. Dr. Kaunda never called it crumbs. Dr. Chiluba never called it crumbs. Dr. Mwanawasa or Michael Sata would not have called it crumbs. Mr. Rupiah Banda never called it crumbs.
    If Chaka Zulu wants ECL to be given respect as a former republican president, he should advise him to start behaving like one.


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