Edgar Lungu


Rwandan Catholic priest deported in connection with sermon delivered on Sunday
August 3, 2012

HOME Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu
The Immigration Department has deported Lundazi Catholic Church Priest, Father Viateur Banyangandora to Rwanda, his country of origin.

Home Affair Minister, Edgar Lungu yesterday confirmed the deportation of Fr Banyangandora, 40, who was picked up from Lundazi on Monday and deported on Wednesday.

The Minister said the move was taken in order to protect and safeguard the rule of law of the country.

“I can confirm that Fr Banyangandora was deported to Rwanda in order to safeguard the rule of law and order in the country. Right now he has even arrived and re-united with his family members in that country,” he said.

Mr Lungu said it was not an easy decision to make for the Government considering that the Republican President Michael Sata was a staunch Roman Catholic member but that a decision had to be taken in the interest of maintaining law and order.

The priest, who was a holder of Employment Permit No 008955, issued on November 27, 2006 when he entered the country, was found to be a danger to peace and good order, contrary to Section 39(2) of the Immigration and Deportation Act No 18 of 2010.

He said any foreigner or missionary who comes into the country should abide by the laws of the country adding that there should be no ‘sacred cows.’

Mr Lungu urged other Church leaders in the country to respect and abide by the law of the land.

Chipata Catholic Diocese Bishop, George Lungu said the Church was not aware that Fr Banyangandora had been deported to Rwanda.

“This is news to me, as a Church, we are not aware that Fr Banyangandora has been deported,” said the visibly surprised Bishop.

The prelate said the diocese would issue a comprehensive statement on the deportation of the Catholic clergy after thorough consultations today.

Fr Banyangandora was picked from his residence on Monday by a combined team of security officers.

Lundazi Catholic Assistant Parish Priest, Evans Sakala said Fr Banyangandora was picked up in connection with the homily he gave in church on Sunday which was perceived to be inciting people to rise against the Government.

Fr Banyangandora was a member of the Association of Zambian Diocesan Catholic Clergy (ADZACC) as a Catholic seminarian refugee.

He did his seminary formation at Mpima Major Seminary in Kabwe before proceeding to St Mary’s Major Seminary in Lusaka for his theology.

He was ordained Catholic Priest under the Chipata diocese in 2004 by Bishop George Lungu.


  1. Here now is the hypocrisy of Lungu and the Catholic priests laid bare. Here was a father actually picked up by Police and deported and yet no outrage from our men in the robes!! Compare that to all the hysterionics now over just a Call out? Very dramatic fellows.

  2. You comparison is one of the most pathetic and disgusting pathetic from a pathological narcissist liars driven by hatred, dictatorship, greed, violence, vipers with no shame.
    If Lungu killed Banda, is this going to be your defence also to kill another person? It shows how pathetic your logical reasoning, is fallacy and you are becoming imbeciles who can not differentiate between good and bad. There is no logical explanation or argument that you are going to use against your failures to justify making a call out to the priest just because he said the truth? The trigger happy senior bandits of the police force will run away and bring Haya Hanaka down

    • Sho you must be out of breath after your first sentence, with repeating words like pathetic 2x, pathological shani shani uko I hope wachikaka imputy when doing all this ranting because all this is just amasushi yeka yeka. Stupid pfidiot you are!!!!!

  3. He was a foreigner meddling in Zambian affairs. Just like that Wooly. A foreigner. When we let foreigners be, they begin to call the shots.

    And so, we will carry on as slaves… to the foreigners

  4. Luciferian Clergy are dangerous!
    The Bible says Blessed are the peacemakers! A good man of God does not incite civil strife no matter how tough the economic conditions get!
    In fact, the harder the times, the more the need for peacemakers!
    The Clergy must be neutral and not show partisan political bias!
    ECL was on point to deport that Luciferian Clergy!
    No one is above the Law, not even the local ones misbehaving now!


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