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…it is no wonder that he is polling as low as 3 votes because Zambians are totally opposed to the illegalities being perpetrated by the UPND in collusion with the ECZ, says Brian Mundubile.

By Daily Nation

THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) is now an institution being run by UPND cadres who have clothed themselves with powers they do not have such as imposing expelled and rejected Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa on the Patriotic Front (PF) general membership, Brain Mundubile has said.

Mr Mundubile, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament says Zambians have clearly realized that Mr Sampa and his group of renegades is a UPND group masquerading as members of the PF and that was why the former ruling party general membership have decided to protest through the vote.

Mr Mundubile, the Mporokoso PF lawmaker said in an interview yesterday that the zeros Mr Sampa’s candidates were receiving in the ward by-elections was a representation of the lack of support on the part of ECZ for its decision to impose Mr Sampa the former ruling party.

He said all the genuine members of the PF were so upset with Mr Sampa’s association with the UPND and had decided to protest the ECZ imposition through the vote.

“The ECZ as we have always said before is an institution run by UPND cadres who have clothed themselves with powers they do not have. The true members of the PF are so upset with Mr Sampa’s association with the UPND and are protesting through the vote in the by-elections where Mr Sampa’s group has been polling between 0 and 3 votes,” Mr Mundubile said.

Mr Mundubile said it was because of the ECZ cadres masquerading as commissioners that Bowman Lusambo and Joseph Malanji were out of Parliament after the duo was barred from re-contesting their seats by the commission even after the courts of law had declared them eligible.

He said it was the reason Zambia’s democratic credentials on the international community had reached the lowest ebb and that it was unfortunate that the UPND had continued on its trajectory of destroying the country’s cherished beacon of peace and pioneer of multiparty politics.

Mr Mundubile explained that the UPND had introduced electoral conditions such as the president of a political party being the signatory on the adoption certificate for a candidate through which to disfranchise citizens from electing leaders of their choices.

“The UPND in introducing draconian electoral conditions are attempting to create a desperate situation for PF candidates aspiring to contest by-elections so that they could accept Mr Sampa as president of the PF to have their adoption certificates signed.

“But the PF members are now reacting against the ECZ imposition of Mr Sampa and that is why he (Sampa) is polling between 0 and 3 votes. The sooner the UPND realizes that the Sampa project has failed and collapsed the better. Let them concentrate on what would be of benefit Zambians who are faced with humongous economic challenges,” Mr Mundubile said.

“We the genuine members, both in Parliament and outside are now enjoying how the UPND is failing to govern because of their failure to listen to the opposition advice. On Mr Sampa, the best they can do is abandon the project and work for the people. But we can clearly see that we have no direction as a country but as the opposition, we have resolved that Zambia needs help and we shall step up,” he said.


  1. Just accept that the days of glory for PF are long gone. PF can even get more votes with Sampa than with Lungu. Actually you are the ones who are imposing Lungu on people .

  2. In typical pfidiot style now this one thinks he will convince anyone that pf did not get 3 votes but it was Sampa. Hopeless idiot!!


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