By MacDonald Chipenzi
In a memo recently released, Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) indicated to meet all candidates for the August 12 General Election from various political parties.

However, I did argue that by the constitutional provision, only persons contesting an election as Councilors, MPs and Presidents are defined as candidates.
Going by this definition in the constitution, Zambia has not yet got candidates but only those persons aspiring be Councilors, MPs and Presidents.

In this case, my argument was, and still is which candidates would the ECZ be meeting tomorrow, 28 APRIL 2021 in various nomination centres since nominations have not been done and political parties adoption processes are yet to concluded?

If this meeting is going ahead tomorrow, which candidates will the ECZ be meeting since the country does not have any candidates yet but only aspirants who are in thousands and for what purpose?

Does it want to meet all aspiring persons from political parties and independents or candidates who have been nominated, validly so by itself?

Is ECZ to again organise another meeting of candidates after the nominations exclusively for the validly nominated candidates?

It is clear the political parties have defied the ECZ’s call for this meeting by virtue of this political parties failing to release the lists of adopted candidates which would have made this meeting more meaningful in the absence of nominated candidates.
Let ECZ postponed this meeting until after nominations otherwise it is a sheer waste of money, time and energies for itself and the aspirants.
I submit


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