Percy Chanda


Now that Parliament is dissolved, ECZ must enforce the electoral code of conduct and bring to an end the PF electoral corruption and bribing of voters. Time for bribing voters in the name of empowerment is now over. We expect a level playing field where all political parties must be treated equally. This will also determine whether ECZ can deliver a credible free and fair election. The will of the people must prevail.

PF has wasted a good ten years of the Zambian people. It will be a fatal mistake to give PF another 5 years. Anyone standing on the PF ticket must go. The scars that PF has inflicted on Zambians are too deep to forget easily. Time for real change has finally come; HH and his team are ready to provide leadership that will bring prosperity to all Zambians.

This is how some Ministers have performed in the last 5 years. For the first time in the history of this Country a Minster went out to beat people in bars and night clubs. A Minister kept on threatening Zambians with police brutality, resulting in the death of two innocent people. Others provided free porno viewing even to children without shame. We saw Ministers carrying huge sums of stolen money publically. A Minister, instead of junior officer pocketed huge allowances for going round the Country dishing out chickens and goats. Corrupt Ministers were treated as heroes.

Zambians must stand together and kick out PF. PF is the only party being endorsed by brown envelops. Zambians must not listen to those that are part and parcel of the plunderers. Get whatever PF will give you but remember to vote for HH and the UPND; do a water melon. Remember your vote is secret. Don’t listen to people who lost weight in the opposition but are now Chitumbos. These Chitumbos practice sebanawikute type of politics. They dump you for their personal survival. HH was in prison for you while others are offering apologies for telling the truth.


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