The ECZ today announced that ;
1: Voter registration will only be for a period of 30 days.
2: Prisoners will be allowed to vote.

3: Zambians in the diaspora will not be allowed to vote.
Clearly all these three key announcements were instructions from State House.
They have shortened the Voter registration period to lower the number of new youths registering to vote.

They’ve only been issuing NRC’S in areas where they feel the PF is still strong.
An NRC is needed for one to register as a Voter.
They allow prisoners to vote because those prisoners are captives of the government, they can only vote for PF.

What else can a political party offer a prisoner other than freedom in exchange for their vote?
They don’t allow Zambians in the diaspora to vote because they know that PF is very unpopular among the educated and Zambians living abroad.

This is a well designed scam to give Lungu and the PF a headstart even before the elections take place in 2021.
Zambians must reject these evil schemes with all the contempt they deserve.



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