By Watch Reporter
The newly proposed nomination fees for candidates in the 2021 general elections are immoral and aimed at killing democracy in the country.

Socialist Party Secretary General Dr. Cosmas Musomali submitted to the Esau Chulu led ECZ, during a plenary session at Mulungushi International Conference Centre Tuesday, that the fees are exorbitant and can only benefit those in power.
Dr. Musomali noted that the proposal was immoral and beats democratic tenets of a democracy

And National Revolution Party president Cosmo Mumba urged the ECZ to reduce the nomination fees to acceptable standards.
Mumba noted that if ECZ approve the proposed fees, democracy and leadership will be for the reach.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has proposed the following nominations fees which must be paid 4 weeks before:

Male Presidential – K150,000 from K60,000
Female or Disabled Presidential – K120,000 from K60,000
Male Member of Parliament – K25,000 from K7,500
Female or Disabled MP – K20,000

Male Mayoral – K25,000 from K7,500
Female or Disabled Mayoral – K20,000
Male Councillor – K2,500 from K750
Female or Disabled Councillor – K2,000 from K750


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