By Ross Josphat Kasikili

ECZ announces voter registration in October 2020 which will take place for just 30 days according to them.

They are proposing to register 4,000,000 new voters and revalidate about 6,000,000 existing voters.

Here are our concerns

New Voters

1. 4million ÷ 30days = 133,333 voters per day

2. 133, 333 ÷ 7700 poling stations = 17 voters per poling station.

Old Voters Verification

1. 6million ÷ 30 days = 200,000 verified voters per day.

2. 200,000 ÷ 7700 poling stations = 26 voters verified per day per poling station.

We must take into account for distances in rural areas to poling stations.

If there was something our government was suppose to show some keen interest was this process and not bill 10.

This process of voter registration demands more sensitization and education to our citizens and 30 days in our view is not enough.

God bless Zambia, God bless Mandevu and God bless Bally.

Ours is the community first.


#Bally and RK–for a better Mandevu





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