Edgar Lungu


By Pungwa(Zambia Eagle)

When edgar lungu charged that president HH , a legitimate president of the republic of zambia , will be forced to give up power before 2026 he did not mince his words .

We say this because a lot of zambians are not aware about the dark side of zambias politics , where previous presidents were captured , controlled and eventually brought down by fertiliser and safari hunting oligarchs .

Rupiah banda was the 1st to be captured , he had to give contracts single sourced to Gulam patels company . When gulam wanted to meet rupiah it was rupiah who had to travel to gulams residence in makeni . It was micheal sata who revealed this in his last campaigns before 2011 elections .

And when rupiah lost , gulam asked rupiah not to hand over power to sata but rather to the army . It was fred mmembe who persuaded KK to warn rupiah that Lusaka would burn if he did not concede defeat .

Under edgar the capture was worse , truck loads of beer , women from far east were arranged for edgar at private game ranches belonging to gulam and irfan yousuf , a fugitive who was exposed by harry kalaba before elections . Gulam , bokani , zuneid and irfan were receiving single sourced contracts , money paid in advance but goods not supplied .

The presidential jet was used by yusuf brothers for their family wedding in dubai .
Edgar was told that they had arranged 500,000 pre marked ballots which led to lungu telling the nation that he would win by 500,000 votes in his campaigns .
When lungu stood in 2016 , gulams residential workers were seen lifting ballot boxes at bayuni school in makeni .
And when edgar lost it was gulam and irfan yousuf who asked edgar not to concede defeat .

It was only after they were exposed by activists that irfan rushed to rupiah on sunday morning pretending that he wanted edgar to concede defeat but by then amos chanda had already warned rupiah that irfan did not come to him in good faith .
After HH came to power they couldnt capture him but warned him that they would make zambia ungovernable . They used all media and courts to fight HH to get their safari areas back but HH had said they must be hit where it hurts most that is fertiliser and fuel contracts .

That is how the fertiliser and fuel propaganda is being driven .
President HH has warned previously that some people were planning a coup in zambia and lungus statements confirm this .
The president was warned not to treat Lungus sponsors with kids gloves and it is now coming to light why he was warned .

The yusuf brothers and gulam patel had lungu captured , and they now own majority of zambias land totalling thousands of hectors which president HH wanted to cancel but some of the presidents advisors are all in the payroll of irfan yousuf and that is why the president could not cancel them .

Before lungus sponsors rise up against zambias elected president zambians must rise up against the ‘guptas’ of zambia .
Lets join hands and fight the war mongers.- Zambia Eagle


  1. Running like rats as Lungu opens his mouth!!!! Just perform, votes may just accrue to you in 2026. Continue with your head less chicken races at your peril!!!!

  2. Idiot’s can’t just put their heads around the economic crisis they’ve put the country into. It’s so easy for them to swiftly use resources to respond to ECL’s non beneficial political rants with so much urgency than to the failing economy, whose only string of resurgence is attached to the IMF’s mood which apparently has been swinging too.

  3. Whoever is planning such an evil thing should go say their last prayers to their ancestors because we retired patriotic Citizens in uniform will not allow ECL and his mercenaries to ruin the peace of this beautiful country!
    Be warned!

  4. Why are these people not on jail?????
    Why is lungu allowed to say such things???
    What is government doing about this??
    UPND, if you don’t act in the interest of the people of Zambia you will be a one term government.

  5. That statement was rather careless. Needless to say, Zambia Police needs to be on high alert. Pangas have resurfaced on the streets and are being sold openly. Particularly in Chawama Constituency. Food for thought.


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