Sixth Republican President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu visits PF Secretary General Hon. Raphael Mangani Nakacinda while paying solidarity to Socialist Party Leader Dr Fred M’membe who has been summoned for questioning, possible arrest and detention at the same Ibex Hill Police Station in Lusaka.
Andy luki jr/SmartEagles | Wednesday 14th, November 2023 | Ibex Hill , Lusaka |


  1. Unholy union of two sworn enemies coming together to fight for their mutual survival. When in power Lungu considered Mmembe as his enemy and said a lot of wrong things about him. They ev n closed his post newspaper business. Today the enemies can share light moments and hug each other for public show. Let’s wait and see if their newly found love will blossom.

  2. Grab all of them. Mr. Socialist Homo join Con man Lubinda.
    Dr. CHISUSHI CHANDI NEMWINE KAMBWILI also wanting to make himself relevant. Perhaps Mm’embe is your boy friend

  3. Never ceases to amaze me how many thieves flock together in Lusaka. Lungu is a Grand Master of corruption, M’membe is a Grand Master of Nothing, Kambwili is the Grand Master of stealing food.

  4. KK used socialism to land us into meal coupons and endless food queues and later, as UNZA students we chucked him out. Cuba is forever the poorest country in the Caribbeans because of the same system. Russia is now semi-capitalist and has some of the richest people in the world like Roman Abramovich because they realized after the collapse of the Soviet union that socialism does not work. China is also semi – capitalist with some of the richest people in the world too with Ren Zhengfei Huawei Telecom company his personal property. The list is endless. People please tell Fred M’membe that Cosmas Musumali got a PHD in an archaic ideology that is irrelevant in today’s economics. The whole world is capitalist like it or not. They are wasting their time. No Zambian with a brain will vote for them. Socialism is completely gone. Even in homes we teach children to study and own companies after university and be self-reliant, not expecting government handouts for life and a kama salary…that is poverty perpetuation which is especially rampant in Cuba. Wake up Fred. Forget Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe independence struggles of the 70s, we were also there. What did Zambia benefit from throwing away our meagre revenue from Copper? Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma, Bob Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo, Emerson Mnangagwa, Oliver Tambo etc benefitted from Zambia and a lot of our brothers and sisters, uncle’s and fathers died in Feira, Lusaka West BB camp area, Chikumbi and even our schools in Tubalange and chunga were almost obliterated. One missile felled a tree in Matero after the jet fighter bomber missed the Government Stores target opposite Barloworld. What did Zambia benefit from such colossal sacrifice? Nothing!!! Not even M’membe’s comrade KK benefitted. We are considered as clowns who always try to please foreigners. You blame HH today calling him an imperialist puppet but KK was a puppet to our neighbouring countries’ freedom fighters. We used to attend class with young South African, Namibian and Zimbabwean students (Emerson being one of the order ones then) and these were fully sponsored and housed by our money from copper. What have they fond for this country? Zambians are being slaughtered in SA, robbed in Zimbabwe, denied jobs in Namibia and you come and say you love Zimbabwe. Your comrade Emerson is a president there, which street kid in Lusaka has he fed in appreciation of our sacrifice? NOTHING BWANA. Forget anione anione it never works baba. KK did local puppetry in southern Africa and HH is doing it for imperialists…it is the same. The beneficiary ends up laughing at the benefactor. So without digressing too much. Socialism is gone. Forget it. Let us have courage and get back the mines, give government 50% equity and let us naturalize Chilean expats with Zambian Citizenship then negotiate with a partner with capital. Then we can control the US dollar like Botswana is doing at Debtswana otherwise kulibe. No matter what economics theories HH and Situmbeko bring nothing will happen. The instruments of wealth are in foreign hands you cannot control the economy that way. It just never works. I rest my case.

  5. Ba Wapyamunzi, you cannot put a price on what KK and Zambia did for the liberation of Southern Africa. As Africans, we were obliged to help our kith and kin gain self rule irrespective of their negative stance towards us now that they are free.

    You cannot claim to be free as a people when your brothers are daily being humiliated by other people. No one will ever respect you. Personally, the liberation of Southern Africa was worth the price and KK and his colleagues did the noble and right thing by supporting the liberation movements.

    The guns of liberation went silent a long time ago. So we cannot use that as an excuse for our economic dire straits. Basically it is the greed and incompetence of our so called political leadership that is responsible for the mess we ate in.


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