Edgar Lungu expresses discontent, ‘Tukaba chita akantu ba UPND’ as he is denied entry at PF Secretariat

Edgar Lungu

THE Patriotic Front (PF) has witnessed yet another dramatic turn of events as former president, Edgar Lungu, attempted to access the party secretariat today but was denied.

Despite his efforts, Mr Lungu found himself barred from entering the secretariat by a formidable police presence, which led him to proceed to the police headquarters, only to face a similar refusal.

Accompanied by acting PF vice president Given Lubinda, along with others senior party members and party lawyer Makebi Zulu, Mr Lungu could be heard expressing his dissatisfaction, remarking, ‘Tukaba chita akantu ba UPND’.

“Clearly they are playing games so I do not know where to go as police cannot help me. I do not understand why there is police at our party secretariat. We may seek devine intervention to help because we do not have capacity. It is like a hide and seek game. Please tell ba UPND cadres that we will go, infact, we have already left. Infact I have not even slept in that house today, so when ba UPND come, ‘Tuka ba chita akantu,” he expressed.

This recent development follows Mr Lungu’s declaration, made during a memorial event for late President Michael Sata, where he announced his return to active politics after thorough reflection and consultations.

He said opportunistic individuals will not be permitted to dismantle what the late president worked so hard to build.

“I will not allow the PF to die, I will not allow factions within the party. I will also not allow opportunistic individuals to destroy the party,” he said.

Recently, the Miles Sampa faction convened a convention at which Mr Sampa was declared party president, a move Mr Lungu and his supporters have pledged to contest, deeming it illegal.

However, in a notice addressed to members and non-members, Mr Sampa has already started making changes within the party as part of the rebranding process.

“Our reborn PF will not condone any of our members who conduct themselves in an unruly and violent manner. Hooliganism amongst our members or towards non-members and the general public is banned henceforth. We have a duty to show the citizens that we are a reformed party from all vices that made them decide to give us unprecedented 1 million red cards,” he said.



  1. Muchiteni Kantu mambala uyu!
    Achenjeza Ng’anga akalibe kupola.
    He has forgotten about the Constitutional clause that disqualifies him from re-contesting the presidency!
    UPND will be very f00lish and inept to allow the illegality to repeat itself!
    Finish him off with disqualification and prosecution!
    We enjoyed Peace for 2 years without him until he showed his ugly face and mouth on the political scene!
    We don’t want violent people near the corridors of power!
    We want peace!
    Adada has no good agenda for Zambia. You cannot put PF, Democracy and Peace in the same sentence!

  2. From that slogan of saying that I fall like tone of pan bricks into tukabacita bubu ba upnd,him is full of evil things always talking about violence as old as he.No third terms please upnd government wake up from slumber the devil is planning to come back and kill alot of people.

  3. Lungu you will do nothing, as it is you and your supporters are impotent in so many ways, if anything the UPND wil do you akantu. STUPID IDIOTS.

  4. Tukaba chita a kantu ba UPND – One week before the August 2021 general elections, Lungu was heard vowing that after handing over to himself, he was going to arrest HH and probably never to release him until he died in prison. Two years down the line, Lungu is still heard saying that “takaba chita a kantu ba UPND. But what is that a kantu which he wants to do to UPND? What powers does he got to do that a kantu? When does he want to do it? Those who can recall, Lungu is not a stranger to such vows, because in 2016, he made similar vows saying that nga takasumine, mukamona efyo nkamucita, literally meaning that if he won’t accept the results, you will see what I will do to him. I don’t need to tell you because you know what followed, the treason road from Mongu to Mukobeko through Chimbokaila. Maybe Lungu is still living in the past glory, you know that when he was still in power, he boasted of two things; 1. Him being a tonne of bricks. 2. He carried a long whip. But does he still possess those powers to do ba UPND a kantu? I don’t think so, he should just accept that he no longer possesses those powers as he is no longer the president, he is no longer the Commander of the Defence forces. Moreover, things have drastically changed, if he was a tonne of bricks that time, this time he is probably just a kg if not half a kg. So with that kind of power, you can’t be vowing to beat someone whom you know to be many times more powerful than you, unless you just want to be beaten badly.

    Therefore, my advice to Lungu and PF is that they should leave HH and UPND out of their issues, because HH or UPND has nothing to do with PF’s internal wrangles. The rivalry between the two PF factions originate from within PF and can be, and should be resolved by PF themselves and not HH or UPND.

    The police who were at the PF secretariat were simply doing their job of maintaining law and order in the country. Those with good memory still remember how the two PF rival groups fought at their own premises leaving Kalimashi badly beaten and his vehicle badly damaged. Who would want a repeat of such mayhem or chaos? UPND is a responsible party which protects the life and property of every citizen. I applaud the Hon Minister for Home Affairs and Internal Security and the Police for their professionalism in handling the situation at the PF secretariat, otherwise lives were going to be lost. Instead of being at each other’s neck, let the PF rivals sit at the table and dialogue with each other and resolve the matter for the good of their party. If they don’t want dialogue, the Courts should be given the chance to resolve the matter otherwise, we are very much opposed to violence. We voted for change because we wanted peace, law and order and not lawlessness, confusion, anarchy or mobocracy.

    To UPND, you know the desperation which is in PF, they are always preoccupied with bouncing back to power, they are now even nick named as alebwelela po group. So such threats should not be taken lightly, because anything can happen. Always be on maximum alert, so that you are not caught off guard.

  5. Isn’t Edgar Lungu supposed to be due forba medical check-up in South Africa? It was publicly disclosed not too long ago. His behaviour clearly shows he doesn’t even need it. He was trying to go to South Africa purely because the state was going to pay the bill.


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