Edgar Lungu happy with reduction of fuel prices by K3

Edgar Lungu

ECL happy with reduction of fuel prices by K3

Former President Edgar Lungu says he means well when he is advising government on the challenges the country has been besieged such as police brutality against citizens governance, drought, the high cost of living, and high cost of mealie meal and is urging the ruling party not to focus him.

Former President Lungu says government and the ruling party should resist the temptation of making him the prime subject of discussions when there are positive developments such as the reduction of fuel prices and the improved exchange rate which should have a positive impact on the lives of citizen


  1. How in all fairness can he see these positives if all people surrounding him see the contrary? Sounds like a mockery to the ruling party. Anyway, feels like hot air.

  2. Bwana ECL, we know you can be a better person if you keep away from characters like Given Lubinda, Emmanuel Mwamba and Nakachinda!
    You need to associate with more mature persons who can advise you correctly!
    Up to now, you have not set up your office of Sixth Republican President to be funded by the government of the republic because of being double-minded!
    In all honesty, you are not growing young! Do not be misled!
    Those episodes where you collapsed in public should tell you that the best you need to concentrate on now is your health!
    We are aware some of your family members have advised you time and again to forget about politics and lead your remaining years quietly!
    Go on a Sabbatical and introspect!
    Take the Advisory Father of the republic figure-head!
    When young politicians start fighting, you should be someone they can look up to for wise counsel!
    It’s not too late!
    Go on a vacation for a month to Mfuwe! Switch off your phones! Appoint your PA to manage public relations. Avoid commenting on every small issue! When you come back, hold a Presser and retire from politics!
    You can learn a lot from those who managed RB’s office! They can help you to set yours as well!
    Stay away from Lubinda, Emmanuel Mwamba and Nakachinda!
    They are diminishing your status and destroying your legacy!
    You won’t be the first to want to come back to politics! KK did and went back into retirement!
    It’s not easy but it’s doable!


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