Edgar Lungu needs counselling – Mayangwa

Edgar Lungu

Lungu needs counselling – Mayangwa

A CONCERNED citizen has urged those around former president Edgar Lungu to organise him a counsellor to help him heal from the pain of losing the 2021 election.

Reacting to Lungu’s suggestions that police conduct may lead to Zambians rising against President Hakainde Hichilema and remove him from power before 2026, Dillon Mayangwa said much as some people may laugh at the joke, the former president needed serious counselling to help accept his status.

Before the election which ended his seven year reign of terror, Lungu vowed that he would win the poll by not less than half a million votes but as the Electoral Commission of Zambia announced the final results, close to three million had voted against the now United Kwacha Alliance boss.

And Mayangwa feels the former president needs counselling to heal from the defeat that he clearly did not expect.

“I feel very sad to see how our former president is conducting himself in public. Everything about him starting from his conduct to his utterances clearly point to a man who is hurting, a man that is so bitter, a man that needs psychological help,” Mayangwa observed.

“Otherwise how do you explain Lungu’s criticism of the police when he’s regime one of the most brutal in the history of Africa. Under his reign, it was not only police who shot dead people, thugs from his party brutalised and killed people too,” Mayangwa noted.

He noted that it was public knowledge that his own barber had been convicted of killing a member of the opposition.

“The internet is full of video evidence of the brutality of the police and PF cadres during Lungu’s presidency and yet the peace and law abiding citizens of this country did not rise and remove him from power and yet today, the same man is saying Zambians will rise to remove President Hakainde Hichilema from power.

“This to me, points to a serious case of mental health that may require long sessions of counselling to help our former president come to terms that he lost an election and that he needs to accept,” he said.

Mayangwa said the longer Lungu stays in denial the more his situation will deteriorate.




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