Edgar Lungu Regime Worser Than HH – Kabimba



ECONOMIC Front-EF leader, Wynter Kabimba, has brushed off claims by former President, Edgar Lungu, that his regime was better than the current administration of Hakainde Hichilema.

Kabimba is of the view that Lungu’s time in power will be remembered as one of the worst periods in Zambia owing to unruly cadres and lack of human rights, among other vices.

He however says Lungu is free to contest the 2026 General Elections as doing so is his democratic right, further questioning the feasibility of a strong opposition alliance as is being mooted.

Speaking during a Press briefing in Lusaka on Wednesday, former President, Edgar Lungu, stated that he will only contest the 2026 elections if Zambians want him to.

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  1. The Crocodile is knows better the life of a Hippo under the water. Kabimba was at the helm of PF and he knows what he is talking about.

  2. Kabimba knows he has no political future. So his only option is to join the UPND choir of praise-singers and become its newest cheer-leader.

  3. There is money in being a Praise Singer !
    Opportunists have seen how Miles Sampa is awash with Millions for being a upnd stooge..
    Nervous Mumba has jumped on the bandwagon doing his usual scavenging….and Kabimba smells some cool cash and wants to get a piece of the action!
    2024 wapya mwaiche , baisa ba mushanina bwali..bamutasha Kali mwi tobo.

  4. If Lungu thinks his leadership was better than the UPND leadership, my thinking is that he should have been under the influence of liquor thought-out his leadership and he did not comprehend what was going on


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