Edgar Lungu Seeks Meeting With President Hichilema



Former President Edgar Lungu’s emissaries on Friday night met Republican President Hakainde Hichilema requesting for a meeting between the two leaders and bury their differences.

The emissaries sent by Edgar Lungu to Community House comprised some clergymen mainly under Christians for Lungu and have been persuading the former President to rescind his decision to rejoin politics and assume his role as a statesman deserving local and international assignments in peacekeeping and other missions.

“There is a strong feeling by traditional leaders and some church leaders who feel Edgar Lungu made an emotional decision when he was made to read some speech at late President Michael Sata’s graveyard to return to active politics. They feel Edgar will just polarise the political environment and further weaken the PF. There’s also a feeling Edgar has no more appeal to the Zambian public hence he should just be a statesman”, sources close to the talks have revealed.

It is believed that President Hakainde Hichilema told them he had no grudges against anyone and was ready to meet his brother Edgar Lungu and indeed other opposition political parties in a genuine atmosphere for the good of the country.

President Hichilema even told them he was very much aware of the challenges citizens were going through hence his tireless efforts to resolve the hardships.

He reminded them of need to work together especially that the economic difficulties were mainly brought about the past mistakes and the current global economy crisis such as increase in global prices.

The President told them he would have loved to fully take care of his brother and engage him in some key missions to resolving regional and international issues while him as president concentrates on local issues.

The emissaries were very happy with the spirit of the meeting and promised to revert back to the President once they have delivered the message to back to Edgar Lungu. President Hichilema said he was available anytime once he returns from his trip in Europe.

-Zambia Eagle


  1. If this is true then he in lied the difference between HH and ECL. When in power ECL never wanted dialogue . I remember how he detested the involvement of baroness Scotland after the arrest of HH in 2017.; With his clique they called Scotland an imperialist who seeks to again colonise Zambia. Came in the church ECL was still not ready for any dialogue. I hope this is not Lungu seeking dialogue but an initiative of well meaning Zambians.

    • Life is dynamic and not static my brother. Decisions and policies vary in accordance with the dynamics of the prevailing situation. It will be good to encourage the dialogue and move forward as it is good for the country.

  2. Can HH really entrust ECL to represent him at international level? The way he sits mu public? And he reads speeches prepared for him that makes him come out as an imbecile? This must be fake news.

  3. Fake news.

    Having said that, these two men are both as dodgy as they come.

    They are 2 of the richest men in the country, by a large margin. Neither can explain their source of wealth. Immoral human beings not fit to lead our beautiful country.

  4. Probably the poor old man has now realized that he was been misled by a bunch of idiots who were just after his food beer and money.
    He must now get rid of minions like Nakachinda, Mwamba, Lusambo and Lubinda. This guys do not mean well for him and his family.

  5. Edgar Lungu, please do not destroy the Patriotic Front. The party is at the crossroads. It’s make or break, and it needs effective leadership.
    You had all the time to engage HH if you had wanted to be his International Ambassador. For two years the pF couldn’t go for the Convention because of you. Now you have been given the party and two weeks later you want to chicken out!
    What kind of thinking is this?
    The case in Court is coming up tomorrow . It requires all the focus from all PF leaders. What message are you sending to the general membership?
    Whose name is appearing at the Registrar of Societies?
    You couldn’t tell those charlatans who came to see you that you are not coming back to be the 2026 PF candidate but to save the PF from disintegrating? And do you even know who has sent those conmen?
    Is this how you repay those comrades who have held the party together, stood up for you, and ahreeing to your schemes , only to abandon them at this critical hour.
    This is not normal. First things first ba Lungu. Get back the PF. Go to the Convention and hand over to the New PF President and other Office bearers. Then, and only then can you start dining with Hakainde and your Christians for Lungu. Period.


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