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The continued lamentations by President Edgar Lungu, regarding his eligibility for 2021 elections has exposed the real character of him. Its a pity that he can choose to play legal fool to elicit public sympathy. Nothing could be as humiliating as to be Zambian under Lungu’s misrule. Anyone would be right to Question President Lungu’s claims to be a lawyer by profession going by his childish and baseless justification of his attempts to go for the third term. I’m sure even our children in primary and secondary levels are shocked by his desperate rantings

Even grade five social and development learner can veto Lungu’s eligiblity on to stand next year on personal competence grounds.

This is a lamentable disgrace for our nation. How can a lawyer worth his sort fail to explain what holding an office twice means? What type of ignorance is this surely?

All meaningful Zambians with a love for tomorrow should be very worried by Lungu’s manuavers to go for the illegal third term. If he is really a qualified lawyer as he claims and he fails to interpret simple legal statements like holding office twice, what would one expect from his ministers and members? Lungu has acted against the constitution of Zambia with impunity all through his contestable Presidency. In 2016 , allowed his ministers to stay in office and he arrogantly argued that he knew the law very well then. We were later vindicated by the concourt ruling, which found him and his ministers wanting. He did not take a step to respect the constitution to order his ministers to pay back our moneys.Lungu should not think Zambians are foolish. We have had enough of his failures and mediocrity alongside his minions, let him pack his bags and go. We can’t afford another five years with a play boy like him who can’t take responsibility in addressing national matters.

That office needs a serious person who has the ability to provide solutions to the nation.

Lungu will be the most lonely former president of Zambia, more than Chiluba because he (Lungu), has chosen to be lied to by his bootlickers and surrogates who are now vowing to defend his ineligibility at all costs because the more they feed him with lies,the more money in their pockets. These bakandiles will do anything possible to lie to Lungu, but when tables turn, they will all run away from him and he will be a lonely man. There is too much arrogance in Lungu and let no body be deceived by his faked humility and humbleness in public.

Our politicians seem to have short memories. They always want to manipulate the law to farther their selfish desires. Lungu’s wishful thinking makes me wonder sometimes, how could such an incompetent person holding a public office dream of ruling forever when he is failing to payback what he has borrowed from lenders, failing to revamp our economy, failing to end tribal politics, failing to fight corruption and political violence which has benefited him so much?

Let Lungu answer this question, why does he want to continue ruling us when he has shown that he has no capacity to solve national problems.

Let him be ashamed for once for bringing such ridicule to the the presidency. Zambia is now headed the Zimbabwe way, and he keeps on forcing his failed leaderahip on us. What type of thinking is this?

Since he does not listen at all, Iam reminding him to be very careful with national matters, and let him go back to Chawama because as things stand, no sane and genuine Zambian would be happy to see Lungu as president of Zambia beyond 2021. He can’t morally keep posting overinflated substandard infrastructure built with borrowed money he has failed to pay back. If this is not failure, then there may as well be no failure anywhere.

by Sikaile Sikaile Good Governance and Human Rights Activist



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