Edgar Lungu’s Ally Was Not Harassed – Thabo Kawana

Thabo Kawana
Thabo Kawana


Government has dismissed accusations that PF Member MARTIN MBAYA was harassed by officers of the Drug Enforcement Commission -DEC-.

This follows a statement by Former President EDGAR LUNGU calling on the International Community to look into the continued harassment of individuals by law enforcement officers which is affecting the country’s democracy.

Information and Media Permanent Secretary THABO KAWANA says it is not right for Mr. LUNGU to issue statements which are not factual because DEC officers did not drag Mr. MBAYA out of church.

Speaking during a media briefing, Mr. KAWANA said Mr. MBAYA was called by officers, who allowed him to call his lawyer and later went to his residence to conduct a search in the presence of the lawyer.

He said all formalities for Mr. MBAYA’s arrest were done in a lawful manner.

Meanwhile, Mr. KAWANA said the New Dawn Government has scored 80 percent of what is contained in its manifesto within 2 and half years.

He said the UPND administration is confident that it will deliver 100 percent of what was promised in the manifesto.


  1. So even the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia also lied that Mr Mbaya was dragged from Church??
    What Kawana doesn’t seem to understand is that there were other people in that church..And you are irritating these people who witnessed what happened. How can you trust a government which lies about everything?

  2. Please parade Mr. Mbaya, the Priests and other church members to confirm whether ECL is saying the truth or he’s talking rubbish, simple
    It’s shameful for Lungu, the greatest dictator Zambia shall ever have to start castigating HH7 and his ND government

  3. Kikikikiki. Ba New Dawn, kuwayawayafye ku bufi. DEC has a spokesperson who should either confirm or refute the allegations. Next will be Mweetwa to lie.


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