Edgar Lungu’s Attempts To Contest 2026 Elections Likely To Be Frustrated By Govt- Political Analyst Dr. Alex Ng’oma

Edgar Lungu


By Nonhlanhla Phuti

Political Analyst Dr. Alex Ng’oma says former President Edgar Lungu’s attempts to contest the 2026 general elections will be frustrated by government and could be barred from contesting.

Commenting on Mr. Lungu’s recent statement that he will contest the 2026 elections should the general public insist that he continues from where he left, Dr. Ng’oma states that while the former head is eligible to stand as presidential candidate in 2026, government is likely to oppose his candidacy.

He has however told Phoenix News that regardless of who stands against President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND in 2026, they will have high chances of winning because Zambians are frustrated and dissatisfied by the current regime.

And University of Zambia Historian Bizeck Phiri has commended the opposition for realizing that they cannot win the 2026 elections individually and coming together to form an alliance.

Professor Phiri has since advised the alliance to collectively identify a presidential candidate who they should immediately start selling to Zambians.



  1. Our country is facing a lot of problems because of the so learned who normally tell lies.Here is another one coming up with a biased opinion as it was in 2021.Our learned should focus on solutions not lies.

  2. We should focus on ideas. Not individuals.

    What ideas does Lungu represent that will sort out current challenges and better the lives of Zambians?. None at all. We all saw what 7 years of clueless, visionless Lungu has reduced us to. But more importantly, Lungu does not qualify to stand, he has served 2 terms already. We are not short of leaders.

  3. No one will frustrate that thief, his frustration commenced the day he and his fellow thieves chose to start extending their filthy long arms into the coffers of the state and looted, plundered, stole, gassed us and killed innocent Zambians. His destiny became clear toward prison. So don’t lie iwe cadre. STUPID IDIOT.

  4. Zambia is bigger than ECL!
    ECL is not the best tool in the Zambians tools box!
    We have better Zambians who can lead Zambia better than both ECL and HH!
    Zambians must learn to diversify their choice for leaders!
    The reason why things are not working well in Zambia is because we don’t choose leaders on merit but on the basis of tribe! Political party strongholds identify with the ethnic extraction of the head of that political party!
    How to choose leaders in a Democracy:

    Parade them pamulabasa and fire them with questions!
    That is how you arrive at the best candidates to lead a nation!
    How we choose leaders tells a lot about how we choose employees also in our personal companies!
    Part of the reason some companies are not doing very well is because of how they recruit people, not on merit but ethnic extraction which is wrong!
    If HH fails, going back to another failure in ECL is not the wise thing to do!
    We have many former vice presidents we can ask to fill in the gap we have since we don’t have a credible Father of the nation figure at the moment.
    ECL has failed to fit in the shoes of RB which is a big shame!
    President HH has also fallen short on many fronts, e.g. failing to honour his own words.
    A man of integrity does not flip-flop when it comes to promises made!
    If you promise something and you are not able to fulfill, a man or woman of integrity will own up their word without fear of feeling ashamed! Better to say I promised you ABC, however, we are unable to fulfill B and C because of 1,2,3. Nevertheless, this is what we are doing towards fulfilling ABC except it may take x number of years before we get there!
    Keeping quiet when your integrity is at stake is not wise!
    For now, President HH is in charge till September 2026!
    Let’s judge his performance then.
    When I can advise ECL for now is to behave himself!
    We can only have one president at a time!
    If you want to come back, wait for 2026!
    Calling for early elections is a sign of political laziness!
    Why are you desperate?
    If you agitate for anarchy and Lawlessness, the long arm of the law will deal with you!
    Civility in political discourse is what we achieved in 2021.
    Don’t dare to take us back to your primitive wanya wanya style of politics kwati tamwayako ku sukulu!

  5. The wisest thing to do is not to allow him to stand. Otherwise he will just waste space on the ballot paper. The country must be given better options to choose from than going back to a visionless and brazen tribalist.


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