The United Party for National Development (UPND) will not fall for Edgar Lungu’s political stunts and gymnastics. Realizing his grave mistake at a political meeting disguised as a prayer meeting at Dunamis, Lungu claims he has intelligence of information that the police plan to arrest him. you don’t need intelligence information to know that when you commit a crime you must face the law.

Respect is never given it must be earned. If former President Edgar Lungu wants to be respected, he must behave in a responsible and dignified manner. His attention seeking stunts and rantings will not help him. “A fish is caught by its mouth”

It was Edgar Lungu himself who revealed to the Nation that he was working on overthrowing President Hakainde Hichilema before 2026 elections and made it clear that he was not joking about it. The President has not responded to these revelations, but Edgar Lungu responded to himself with accusations that the state is planning to arrest him. This is the behavior of cowards, when they mess up then they start seeking public sympathy.

Lungu is a coward who is afraid of his own shadow. He is being haunted by what he did to Hakainde Hichilema when he (Lungu) was President. He raided Hakainde Hichilema’s residence at night without a call-out. Tortured the workers, tear gassed the whole house and defecated around the residence. Where was the rule of law that Lungu is crying about? Edgar Lungu is living in fear because of what he did to others. Lungu was ruthless and never respected the rule of law. The Easterner say “Masiku ni panyo pa tambala”

Edgar Lungu has no immunity to commit crimes and he is not above the law. If he thinks he can ride on the high cost of living to cause anarchy in the country, he will be bruised. Whatever confusion that he is planning will end at his doorstep. Some of us are just restrained by President Hakainde Hichilema but we are ready to meet the serpent head-on. Our wounds are still fresh and it’s so painful seeing Edgar Lungu teasing us about the rule of law.

Zambia is bigger than Lungu and a bunch of clowns surrounding him. We will not allow anarchy in this country. President Hakainde Hichilema must not be distracted by the serpent tactics, he must focus on developing the country.

Revelations 12v12 “Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you in great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time [remaining]!”

Romeo Kangombe
Deputy Chairperson Mobilisation and strategy – UPND


  1. Very well stated Romeo. Lungu is an angry man one by being humiliated at the ballot against one man he said will never rule. Second he is angry that the state is repossesing all the wealth he bestowed on his children wife and others. The police should leave him alone to go wherever but he should not cry foul when things get bad for him
    There are people out there that suffered under his rule. Then maybe he will appreciate police.

    • While your proposition is appreciated, I fear that the current government will still be blamed should something bad happen to ECL.

      My advice is that the government should continue to provide ECL with adequate security. ECL must also accept that this is a necessity and that the government has an obligation to ensure his safety at all times.

  2. When is Romeo going to give his side to the abduction of the 12 to 13 girls in Kabwata. He promised to do so but then went silent. What should Zambians conclude?

  3. Does Romeo think keeping his mouth shut is what will save from accountability in the case of the abduction of the 12 to 13 girls? A time of reckoning will certainly come!

  4. This chikala is poison and should.be put down. The satan nyoko is so irrelevant that anything goes for him.
    I can’t wait to p1ss on his grave

    • In what way has Mr. Kangombe insulted Mr. Lungu? Is criticising Mr. Lungu the same as insulting him?

      Mr. Lungu is the true description of a hypocrite. His rule was characterized by anarchy, theft and selfishness. Today he talks like he was an angel during his reign. Hypocrite!

  5. Well spoken honorable.
    What we went through under PF will never be forgotten:
    – Gassing with killings in some cases
    – Gunning down innocent lives
    – Tribalism and regionalism
    – Cadres in charge of our lives, including the police
    – Stripping our innocent ladies
    – Urinating in the mouths of journalists
    – Burning markets
    – Huge budgets for teargas and armoury meant for innocent Zambians
    – Corruption in fire tenders, roads construction, etc
    – Deliberate and wrongful arrests
    – Flying around with dumsells and jamerson , party after party
    – Closing mines to benefit themselves, never to worry about the misery the miners and their families including suppliers and contractors will be subjected to
    – Withdrawing allowances for students

    Then he wants to bounce back. Really!?

  6. A very angry,nasty piece of work, this Kang’ombe! The main take away message from his narrative is: calling for early elections is treason.Kaunda committed treason by conceding to calls of an early election, his HH committed treason as captured in video evidence.
    The other messages are that :it’s payback time!! An eye for an eye !!

    In his role as UPND Deputy Chairperson for Mobilisation and Strategy, the message to the Zambians is this: the economic crisis due the failed policies of UPND government is just another day at the office and not worthy of alarm!!

    Maybe we should be engaging the Chairperson, who is the real organ grinder and not the monkey!!!


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