The medical doctor who sued socialite Mutale Mwanza over alleged assault and trauma has been allowed to place the lawsuit in the Zambia Daily Mail since the defendant has been elusive.

The Lusaka High Court, in an ex parte (one-sided) order, has directed the plaintiff, Natasha Mulenga, to serve the court process on Ms Mwanza through the media.

“It is hereby ordered that the application to serve court process on the defendant through the Daily Mail, a newspaper of wide circulation, be and is hereby granted,” Judge Elita Mwikisa’s order reads in part.

Two months ago, Dr Mulenga, who works at the University Teaching Hospitals in Lusaka, sued Ms Mwanza demanding assault damages after the media personality wielded a gun at her following a road traffic misunderstanding on November 5 last year.

Dr Mulenga submitted in the Lusaka High Court that while driving home, she found a broken-down vehicle in Chainda area with traffic building behind it.

She then decided to keep to her lane and pass the scene in order for the built-up traffic to flow, but before her vehicle passed the broken-down car, Ms Mwanza started flashing her lights at the doctor’s automobile.

Ms Mwanza decided to bypass the broken-down vehicle, joining Dr Mulenga’s lane.

The plaintiff submitted that upon Ms Mwanza blocking her vehicle, the radio and television personality disembarked from her vehicle with a firearm in her right hand.

The M-Nation codenamed defendant approached Dr Mulenga’s vehicle shouting and banging on her vehicle.

Dr Mulenga has complained that the episode caused her to suffer extreme trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, and physiological distress and sleep disorder.

She also experienced recurring nightmares and gastrointestinal upset.

The physician, through her lawyer Norman Siwila, also later informed the court that she had challenges in personally serving the court summons on the Tuvwange Lifestyle show presenter.

CREDIT: Zambiadailymail


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