Emmanuel Mwamba want to ruin Joseph Chirwa’s campaign at LAZ AGM where he’s standing as Council Member- Miles Sampa


Miles Sampa writes:

April 22nd, 2024
Patriotic Front (PF) losers group desperation is in high gear as they continue to live in denial of what hit them in August 2021 and October 2023.

After losing all matters in the courts of law, PF Nakacinda camp has gone after astute Lusaka lawyer Joseph Chirwa. They have made a fake audio and concorted a non-existent conversation to tarnish his name.

A few weeks ago they duped him to a house in New Kasama and asked him to jeopardize court cases by switching camp from Miles and team to them. He refused as unlike Makebi who did so and already reported to LAZ, it’s unethical conduct for a lawyer to switch sides between same duo clients. So as he chose to be professional and rejected their overtures, they are now after him.

Dismiss the audio perpetrated by Zambia Reports, a blog run by Emmanuel Mwamba with the contempt it deserves. The timing is also impeccable. They want to ruin Joseph Chirwa’s campaign at Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) AGM where he’s standing as Council Member. The blog, in conjunction with a known TV station based in Lusaka, have used Chirwa’s campaign portrait in their quest for propaganda.

Emmanuel Mwamba is currently on the run and eluding Joseph Chirwa and Company who have attempted to serve him with Contempt of Court process. Emmanuel Mwamba has been cited for contempt of court by Miles Sampa for the podcast he conducted with 2 cadres wherein he discussed in details matters that are still in Court.

Chirwa is about to advertise in the press for the Contemenor’s notice to show up at Court and show the Judge why should not be jailed. Contempt of court is a criminal offense in the Zambua penal code.

Incidentally Counsel Joseph Chirwa represented majority PF Councillors and MPs petitioned in their 2021 general elections triumph. The young lawyers scored about 100% victory rate on all the PF cases he handled. Despite selling the Burma road PF land at $1M apparently to meet PF Legal fees, money was pocketed and Chirwa was not paid any amount from the sale. He is still owed big from the petition cases.

Together with J&M advocates, Chirwa has so far washad (beat them 100%) them non stop on all their court cases with Miles Sampa.


  1. I think the HH administration can be blamed to some extent by not doing something about the sponsors of “Chavura the Ugandan” man who was caught in the ECZ server room at the 2016 elections announcement centre. It should be the same people involved here.

  2. So Miles Hasampa thinks Zambians are foolish. Hasampa will go down with Upnd, you have already dug your political grave! Naba kusula abantu! So enjoy the “free” money you are being given now, kwashala fye one year, you will not see that money! And life will be very hard for you after you are dumped, this time there will be no mercy for you from anybody in PF, you will be on your own! As for Matero constituency , don’t even bother to go there, because you will never win! And people don’t even want to see you there!

  3. This contemenor is a problem of the waste kind.He thrives through lies, he is a big time liar and careless schemer.He will land himself in trouble very soon.He is a poor listener .He thinks he has the Monopoly of intelligence when in fact he is full of naivity.


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