Enock Tonga

By Chambwa Moonga

THIRD Liberation Movement president Enock Roosevelt Tonga says within three months of him being in State House, “all foreigners shall be expelled from Zambia.”

Speaking to journalists after he successfully filed in his presidential nomination forms at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka this afternoon, Tonga emphasised that Zambia is for Zambians.

Tonga, whose running mate is Bright Chomba, declared that: “the battle begins from here.”

“The third liberation of the Republic of Zambia and that of Africa starts now. My word of caution to one Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his counterpart in crime, that is Hakainde Hichilema, is that they must be ready to go through the exit by means of embarrassment,” Tonga said.

He noted that as a liberation movement, his party, once in government, would ensure that Zambians were given that which belongs to them.

“The second thing is that Zambia belongs to the people of Zambia. My first three months in office will simply mean that all foreigners shall be expelled from Zambia,” Tonga asserted.

“The second thing is that we are going to ensure that there is a non-bailable law on corruption, so that we follow the PF failed administration. They must pay for all the sins they’ve committed against the people of Zambia.”

He added that Zambians must remain united and make sure that: “we kick out all these crooks in public offices.”

“Enock Roosevelt Tonga and the Third Liberation Movement are here to form government. This has got nothing to do with myself, but God Almighty. We are not failing; we shall follow them wherever they are,” said Tonga.


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