Hon Ephraim Belemu

THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) is more likely to win the August 12 general elections because it is busy reconciling and mobilising members unlike the UPND which is scrambling for Government positions it has not yet formed, former UPND Mbabala Member of Parliament, Ephraim Belemu has said.

In an interview, Mr Belemu said it was clear that the opposition has lost ground as evidenced by prominent members ditching the party. He said the UPND leadership lacks focus and strategy to win elections. “UPND can’t win elections with the mentality leaders have. Look, they are busy fighting for positions in the government they have not yet formed, forgetting that there is a crucial election to win in August.

They simply lack focus and strategy to win an election,” Mr Belemu said. He added, “PF is likely to win because the leadership is mobilising and reconciling with old members. And you know, politics is about numbers.” He said he did not regret ditching the UPND for PF because the party was more organised and all-inclusive.

Mr Belemu said he will vigorously campaign for PF to ensure it wins by a landslide margin in the August elections. Meanwhile, former FDD Spokesperson Yotam Mtayachalo has said the resignation of prominent and long serving opposition politicians from the major opposition party to join the Patriotic Front is a sign that the major opposition political party is crumbling while the ruling party’s popularity is growing from strength to strength ahead of 12th August,2021 general elections.

Mr Mtayachalo said the ruling party has positioned itself well on the ground hence being the party of choice because of its vibrant mobilization activities countrywide and more importantly it has a clear message of hope to the people of Zambia and as such prospects of it retaining power after this year’s general elections are high.

He said the ruling party will retain power this year because it has been winning almost all by elections even in the opposition strongholds. “If really the people of Zambia wanted change as being claimed by the opposition, the ruling party would have been losing these elections the way it used to be with the MMD prior to the 2011 general elections, ” Mr Mtayachalo said. Mr Mtayachalo however, said the PF must not take things for granted but continue to work hard and reach out to people so that come 12th august,2021 the ruling party must win convincingly in order for it to continue implementing various ambitious developmental projects President Lungu and his administration have embarked on especially in the area of infrastructure develop.


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