justice Esau Chulu
justice Esau Chulu

We don’t want to mobilize ourselves as youths and drag you out of that office Chulu.
Can you go please before 2021.

With no regret, I want to remind electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) chairperson Esau Chulu that he is a shameless crook and dishonest human being who is behind our suffering today. Had it been not for his selfishness, which imposed a corrupt bunch of thieves on us in 2016, Zambia wouldn’t have been in this critical state.

I know many Zambians have ignored the criminal activities Esau Chulu involved himself in 2016 manipulating the elections, but for me, I will never forget about it and I will continue reminding him that he is a thief who doesn’t deserve to be presiding over the electoral commission of Zambia after that fraudulent general elections in 2016.

In 2015 and 2016, Priscilla Isaac and others facilitated the imposing of Edgar Lungu as president of Zambia and I reminded Isaac Priscila that she did not deserve to lead ECZ and thank God she left after being paid for rigging the elections twice. Even though Isaac ran away after 2016 general elections, I look forward to a day when she will be prosecuted for failing the people of Zambia whilst occupying a public office.

Today, I’m here for Chulu, if this man had morals, by now he would have left the electoral commission of Zambia so that people with the capacity run the institution. But he is behaving as though he did a great job for the country when in fact not.

It is this culture of doing wrong things, and people in public offices are not told the truth that we need to remove them. Zambians we should not allow Chulu to walk away with those criminal charges against him.

People who are abusing public institutions like Esau Chulu and Edgar Lungu who thinks what they are doing is fine because we don’t tell them off.

I’m challenging Esau Chulu to go to court if he is not a criminal who facilitated in the rigging of the 2016 general elections and I will face him without fear. To validate the evidence I have I don’t even need a lawyer to prove that Chulu rigged the elections.
My warnings to him is that let him resign before 2021 general elections so that someone who is credible can run the elections. He is a big threat to our security.

Esau Chulu deliberately refused to have Lusaka province and other areas PF manipulated results to be verified because he knew very well that verification of these results was going to disadvantage Edgar Lungu and the entire PF.

For example, in lundazi Central you all know the fake figures the shameless Chulu announced. That was just an iceberg of what PF and Chulu had done to our votes and these same crooks want to continue manipulating results even in 2021.

This is the same Chulu who announced a ghost constituency Chitulika, and up to date those results have not been corrected, isn’t this criminal? Isn’t it stealing? Whether he likes or not, his actions are criminal and he needs to be held responsible one day for messing up the country.

We have seen the barbaric and unprecedented behaviour of crooks Esau Chulu imposed on us.

They have stolen our tax payers money, they have destroyed public institutions, they have incited tribalism and political violence, they have promoted dictatorship and continued undermining the constitution of Zambia by trying to change it overnight through the draconian bill 10 meant to install one party state rule.

As citizens, we should always trace the cause of these problems we face today and there is no other than the incompetent Esau Chulu who imposed Lungu to rule this country against the will of the citizens.

Esau Chulu you must resign, you dont deserve to manage our elections next year.
And to Edgar Lungu, Davies Chama, Kampyongo and Kakoma Kanganja who wants to use security wings to scare us youths, may I remind you that we are not going to get scared of you at all.

We are more than ready to face you in any form or direction you shall come. If you come as wizards! We too shall respond accordingly, if you come as arrogant! we shall surely show you together with your thugs that we are also equal to the task to put to stop these injustices.

Mr Lungu, the youths your brutal government has killed are enough.
Fellow youths this is the time we should clearly state our position going forward. As long as we fear to be killed by this evil government, they can choose to ignore us.
If we keep talking about innocent blood being spilt, they will spot this as a weakness in us and continue abusing this nation. They will use fear to contain us all and subsequently destroy our future.

I’m daring Edgar Lungu and his PF government to behave and manage the 2021 general elections properly and if nothing is done, we as youths will come in the streets so that the police has to kill all of us. After all, without opportunities, current looting and corruption we the youths in Zambia are as good as dead.
Sikaile Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist


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