By Simon Mwewa Lane

ETHIOPIAN FORCES ADVANCE AS WAR GETS WORSE…but Tayali is here taking selfies while smiling.

According to Bloomerg News, ETHIOPIA has said its army advanced on the capital of the rebellious Tigray region [ close to where Tsega and Kiya are located ] as the conflict spreads beyond the nation’s borders.

As many of you know. Tayali is temporarily married to an Ethiopian woman that the Zambian public became very fond of…infact, she was the only person that made him look half decent.

Without Tsega, Tayali looked like a discarded piece of furniture that nobody wanted to sit on.

Tayali’s estranged wife and baby are stuck in the middle of a tragic war but Tayali is here smiling, flashing his wedding band and he shows no concern for his estranged wife and baby.

His only preoccupation is to talk about a Cattle Herder in exchange for 30 pieces of silver.

What a useless husband. What a careless father. What a devious leprechaun.



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