EU official calls on G7 to strengthen air defence for Ukraine


The EU’s top diplomat has asked G7 foreign ministers to quickly give Ukraine more air defence systems. He said taking too long could make the war go in Moscow’s favor.

If we don’t have more Patriot air defense missiles to protect against Russian attacks, Ukraine’s power system will be ruined. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said that no country can fight without electricity at home, in the factories, and in the front line.

He was talking at a meeting with G7 foreign ministers on the Italian island of Capri. They were discussing Russia’s war in Ukraine and the growing tensions in the Middle East because of Iran’s attack on Israel.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken agreed with Borrell’s request, and said that he wanted the U. Sto also do the same. Congress has agreed to give money to Ukraine, but other countries also need to help out.

“At this time, it’s really important for all the people who support Ukraine to do everything they can to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression,” Blinken said after talking to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

The Italian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, wants to impose more punishments on Iran for its recent attack and to give real support to Ukraine to defend itself from Russia’s invasion.

“Tajani said that if Ukraine doesn’t win, Putin won’t talk about peace. ”

Foreign ministers from several countries were meeting in Capri to talk about wars in Ukraine and between Israel and Hamas. They wanted to send a united message about these conflicts. On Wednesday, leaders from the European Union met in Brussels and promised to increase punishments on Iran for sending drones and missiles to groups in Gaza, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Borrell said the EU will make the sanctions stronger and add more to punish Tehran and stop future attacks on Israel. He also said that Israel should be careful.

“I don’t want to make it sound worse than it is, but we’re very close to a war in the Middle East. It could have big effects on the rest of the world, especially in Europe,” he cautioned. “Please, don’t do it anymore. ”

Kuleba and NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg were at the Capri meeting as visitors. Kuleba said his country needs important help with military equipment like guns, bullets, and defense systems because Russia is moving closer to the border.

He said thank you to Germany for giving Ukraine a new Patriot battery. He also asked the US Congress to approve some money that has been delayed.

“We will work with other countries to help Ukraine get air defence systems. ” “Kuleba said it’s really important. ”

President Joe Biden approved a plan to give Ukraine $61 billion in aid. This shows that both Democrats and Republicans support the funding bill.

Blinken said he wants the bill to be discussed in the House this weekend and emphasized that the US cares a lot about Ukraine doing well.

“If Putin isn’t stopped, he will not only attack Ukraine but also continue with more aggression,” Blinken said after talking with Kuleba. “Other countries might see this and decide to start their own attacks. ” And there will be a lot of fighting and not a lot of peace and safety.

Borrell agreed and said Europe needs to help Ukraine defend itself, not just rely on Washington.

“He said we need to make clear decisions to send more air defense to Ukraine. ” We have Patriots and anti-missile systems. We need to move them from our base to Ukraine to help in the war that is happening there. I think we will do it, but we need to do it fast.


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