Even Nkandu Luo was ready to strip n@k3d with me – Saboi


Even Nkandu Luo was ready to strip naked with me – Saboi

SABOI Imboela, leader of the National Democratic Congress party has revealed that Zambians were saved from seeing her body’s geographical features because missing Petauke Central member of parliament.

Imboela threatened to shed her clothes, leaving only her Eve suit for all to view in a dramatic act of protest if Emmanuel Jay Jay Banda wasn’t found.

Imboela’s fiery rhetoric, laced with historical references, aimed to expose what she perceived as government injustice.

Her vow to “show her biological and geographical set up” if the politician remained missing for 24 hours sent shockwaves through the nation.

Social media buzzed with anticipation, but Imboela clarified that her actions were spurred by a more profound purpose.

During a press briefing by Citizens First yesterday, Saboi revealed a planned act of defiance involving herself and other prominent women, including former PF running mate Nkandu Luo.

This “council of barefaced women,” as some commentators dubbed them, aimed to harness the symbolic power of nudity to fight for their cause.

Imboela explained her actions as a continuation of a legacy established by figures like Mama Julia Chikamoneka, who famously stripped naked to protest colonial brutality.

“So when we also get upset, the spirit of Mama Chikamoneka befalls on us as women and want to undress. So when you see me talking about such, just know that the spirit of Saboi is out, it’s that of Mama Chikamoneka ruling,” Imboela said.

“I can see the cadres on Facebook saying, you have lied to us, 24 hours passed why didn’t you undress, no we didn’t undress because Jay Jay was found, so why should we undress now, we don’t undress because we love to no.”

She said had a meeting with Honorable Nkandu Luo, Jean Kapata, MCC’s from the PF, Charity Kapoma, we had people from the Socialist party, National Democratic Congress Party… they knew that the women were serious and within 24 hours Jay Jay came back,” Imboela said.

Imboela warned President Hakainde Hichilema that if his alleged actions of oppressing the opposition didn’t change, she and her companions would be prepared to take their protest to a whole new level.

“It’s not like I just say and fail to do it, no, it’s because two times that I threatened to go naked, they did what I wanted. People don’t just say they will undress because they want to, No,” she remarked.

“We have children so our children left us with some marks on our bodies, so for us to undress, it’s not that we have model bodies like Alice Rowland Musukwa.”

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba June 7, 2024


  1. So we elect Saboi. Is this how she is going to address national issues? We already have Mutale Mwanza her immorality. When will Zambian women stand up and say enough is enough? We need women who will inspire our girls not “wanna be Kardashians” who are nothing but social climbers and grifters like Donald Trump. Which is NOT admirable at all but dispicable a trait for us to want to pass on to our next generation.

  2. Are these leaders or jokers? No wonder the political arena is so, so noisy and hard to make sense of.

    UKWA are jokers.

  3. Please keep your nakedness to yourself thank you. Your words are enough to make your point.

    Only prostitutes act this way.
    Lets have some decency. Please.

  4. Hello, if the two of you did that the country would have been cursed forever. Please don’t ever think of ever do that or traumatize us with such thoughts. Keep your strip stunts to yourselves.

  5. This musician typifies what little education can do to a human. She’s tried to sound educated but ……she’s just dull.! Group 3 material. She couldn’t fit in with intellectual UPND even when it was so obvious they were about to form govt. She just had to flow with fellow intelligent bankrupt hooligans. No direction whatsoever.! No wonder she sent the father of her children to jail over a K40 pin Noah car. HH is hammering you guys again in 2026.


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