Authored By Mupishi Jones

At least we have an idea of Kaiser’s disappearance, about EEP President EEP President Chilufya Tayali ‘s disappearance, about Kambwili’s aborted disappearance, but what could be the motive behind JJ’s?
Cases without traceable motives end up as mystery cases difficult to crack.
What is making JJ’s case interesting and difficult to believe is the character of JJ himself! JJ has been a controversial person both in parliament and in his private life.Therefore,as people are interested to find out the motive for his dissapearance,they should not only concentrate on his public life, let them also look at his private dealings.

It’s not the first time JJ has dissapeared and re-appeared.After the central police fracas,JJ disappeared for months and later appeared.

I have read and listened to many voices and write-ups on the JJ disappearing case and that of a burnt house for the honorable MP.
These two incidences have turned out to be more political than isolated cases of criminal nature.There has been accusations and counter accusations of those behind these urgly scenarios.
But like I said, what could motivate someone to go and burn down a house for the MP? People must look at both the public lives of this MP as well as her private life.

I have heard people accusing President Hakainde Hichilema to be the one behind these crimes, even if you don’t like the man, honestly can he do that? What motive can President Hakainde Hichilema have to find time to sit down,start planning, coordinating the burning of a house and later abduct Hon. Emmanuel Jay Banda at 01:00hrs?
In which way are these two MPs a threat to President Hakainde Hichilema to an extent where the whole lot of the Republican President can leave his busy schedule and plan to abduct JJ?

Between the two Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema who could have the motive for doing this?

Edgar Chagwa Lungu is on record of saying people can raise and call for an early election.
The group with a possible motive for an early election can use whatever means including planned abductions, inciting tribal frictions,civil disobedience just to make the country ungovernable and force early elections.
Therefore,these people have more to gain when there are multiple confusions…. economic , social, religious….in the country than when the country is at peace.

It’s my prayer that those bringing the President into these criminal acts must be given enough space in an open court to substantiate their claims and failure to do that,the same law must be applied to them to deter their admirers.
The accusations being peddled are quite serious and if the perpetrators think they will draw sympathy from the general public, they’ll be disappointed.Of course their will be pockets of sympathisers but the majority citizens would be more interested to know the truth!
I submit

Mupishi Jones


  1. Hon JJ Banda is an indipendent MP, after having been dumped by the PF. Why are they so interested in him as though he is their member?

    What is the political value of JJ Banda? What are his strengths which the ruling party should fear so much as to wish him dead?

    This is a simple case of criminality by ordinary criminals or business associates or fights for women. Let’s not give credence to none issues at the expense of real issues affecting the majority of citizens.

  2. Well said Jones. You are on spot. ECL shenanigans. He is the main beneficiary of these spurious incidents. He wants to make the nation ungovernable to justify early polls because in his dull mind, Zambians are not happy with HH.
    Why use Jay Jay Banda on a fake abduction? The boy has low IQ, like Munir, he is courageous, likes publicity, is blindly ambitious like late Tutwa who was one of the rogue ECL boys (may he rest in peace) and sees a Ministerial position in an ECL government as compensation. The boy has played the disappearance game before, hates HH and Tongas in general and is reckless. These are important qualities for ECL. Just probe deep enough to find out how the plan was structured, where did they sit to scheme it, how many people were involved and who are they. Of course ECL is one of them…being the snake he confessed to be. Please pick one of the several cases we know on ECL, remove his immunity and cage the man. He is up to no good roaming our streets.


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