Every woman’s joy is to enjoy a man’s money” Relationship therapist, Blessing Okoro reveals


Every woman’s joy is to enjoy a man’s money” Relationship therapist, Blessing Okoro reveals
Relationship expert Blessing Okoro has stirred up a storm with her latest statement on gender roles and financial dynamics in relationships.
Okoro, known for her candid and often controversial takes on relationships, declared in a recent social media post that a woman’s primary role is to enjoy a man’s money, suggesting that men were inherently created to financially provide for women.

”it actually hurts me the most that the men who are powerful hardly talk. It’s all these small small upcoming hustlers”

When God vested Adam, he had already out evething in place. Is it because women decided to start helping men and start working?”

“Men where born to work and to feed a woman, a woman’s job is to enjoy the money”

Okoro’s statement comes weeks after her very public feud with actress Nkechi Blessing, which got almost physical.

The dispute between these two figures has been a topic of intense media scrutiny over the past months, marked by a series of online exchanges and public statements.

The feud escalated last month when Nkechi Blessing made a surprise visit to Okoro’s therapy lounge. The visit, however, didn’t go as expected.

According to reports from Okoro’s aide, Blessing left the venue shortly after arriving, leading to further speculation and commentary from both parties.

Okoro’s team had also responded to Blessing’s visit with a message on social media, challenging her for not confronting them directly and suggesting that she should have arrived earlier when more people were present. This was in response to Blessing’s previous threat of physical confrontation, where she vowed to target Okoro’s ‘fake bum’ with blows and punches


  1. This is bullshit and sn indult to women out there who are taking financial care of their husbands. How can you be a relationship therapist with no marriage experience? Shut up girl!!!


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