Davies Chama

By Patson Chilemba

Defence minister Davies Chama says no Zambian can be unhappy at the improvement happening in the nation, including the men in uniform.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Chama said only those who did not mean well would be unhappy over what he described as the country’s rapid transformation within a short period of time. He said even those in the defence forces were happy over the work the government was doing for them, saying a lot has been done in terms of improvement in housing units, in areas like Kamwala, commissioning of the 48 marine units in Kawambwa.

“So there is a lot of infrastructure improvements in terms of their housing and generally their welfare even in terms of equipment holding, a lot of things have improved greatly. It’s only that you caught me napping I don’t have notes to give you the necessary details,” Chama said. “Yes indeed they (men in uniform) are happy, they are very much happy, they are very much happy. Muli bama setting ba journalist, pakuti unchitefye quote ati ah people are not happy. Why are you like this? Indeed me I’m a happy soul and every Zambian is supposed to be happy.”

Chama said people only needed to look at what is happening in the nation, and that only those who were anti-progress would not see the transformation.

“Which Zambian cannot be happy? Unless those who don’t mean well. The transformation that has happened within a short period of time. Look at the improvement to the nation, things are changing for the better,” Chama said. “And I have said in the next 50 years (the timeframe he says PF will be in power) you can just project at this rate at which we are moving consistently, Zambia will be a different country altogether. So unless those people who are always anti-progress, the enemies of progress they are the only ones who cannot.”

Asked what format Mulungushi Textiles would take, whose reopening President Lungu announced for the second time recently having already announced another reopening in 2016, Chama said Zambia would hold 34.66 shares, with China holding the rest.

“From estimates we are looking at $150 million investment, from both parties, each share holder have to meet their own,” said Chama.

On the allegations linking President Lungu as having partaken in sponsoring attempts to overthrow the Rwandese government of Paul Kagame, Chama said the journalists must go with the statement that was recently issued from State House, saying there was no truth in the allegations against the President.


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