Ex-partner of Dele Alli shares harrowing experience of robbery attack on the Everton midfielder


Dele Alli’s former partner, Ruby Mae, has opened up about a harrowing experience when armed intruders robbed the Everton footballer.

Recounting the terrifying ordeal, Mae expressed her fear for her life as the assailants forcibly took jewellery from her hands and arms.

Speaking to The Sun, she detailed how two masked men barged into their bedroom, assaulted Dele, and demanded valuable watches.

Mae, who was watching Netflix at the time while Dele entertained friends downstairs, described the chilling moment when the intruders breached security measures, targeted their home, and fled with stolen jewellery.

Ruby Mae said: “They roughed up Dele and forced him upstairs with them into the wardrobe area, which is separated from the bedroom.

“I couldn’t see the door from the bed but Dele’s friend came up first. They came to me in a panic and I instantly realised something was wrong. His friend wouldn’t have usually come into the bedroom.

“Behind the friend, towards the door, was what looked like a silhouette. I was confused and said, ‘Dele?’ and the guy didn’t answer.

“I realised this guy was not the same height or body structure as Dele. He came over to me and was very intimidating.

“He started asking me where everything was while trying to take off my bracelets and rings.”

She added, “It was terrifying. I was just hoping for it all to be over and for us to be safe.”

Despite a prompt police response, the burglars managed to evade capture and remain at large. The incident occurred during the lockdown in 2020, and Dele is now on the verge of returning to fitness with Everton.


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