Ex UK Prime Minister Bounces back as Foreign Affairs Minister


Ex UK Prime Minister Bounces back as Foreign Affairs Minister

…on the heels of PM Rushi Sunak sacking Home Minister Suella Braverman.

Amb. Anthony Mukwita

I am having a hard time trying to catch up with the fast-train called international ‘news´ as I flip news channels between the war in Ukraine and Russia and now the elephant in the room, the war on Gaza by Israel—the Prime Minister of the UK Rishi Sunak has brought back into government Lord David Cameron as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Cameron come back has been described as a milestone in contemporary British political history that has got bookmakers even thinking he could have an ambition to come back eventually as PM after he lost the BREXIT vote in 2016 through a referendum.

Some conservative analysts feel its going to be hard for the former PM, the once upon a time most powerful man in the island kingdom to serve now under a PM 15 years his junior in years and perhaps even experience. Lord Cameron replaces James Cleverly who goes to replace the sacked Braverman at the Home Ministry.

Suella Braverman, the former Home Secretary it appears had to go after she passed some ´anti Palestinian demonstration´ statements in an editorial following a march by more than 120, 000 people in London marching on Downing Streer in support of Palestinians against the war that has killed up to 11,200 Palestinians by Israel, half of them, children.

While serving the UK as PM, Cameron publicly spoke for an autonomous Gaza state but he is also known for his unwavering support for Israel.

This is an interesting geopolitical story to watch, as Cameron is also known for close ties with the U.S in what is historically called ´the special relationship. ´
This is the first time in Britain a PM is coming back in 50 years, albeit it’s happened before.

Some ask, did Sunak make the right decision or a decision that could in fact see him lose power to the former PM, now a Lord in future, questions abound. The story of the camel and the rider in a tent?


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