Executive Lawlessness: Armed Police Chase Registrar Of Societies Out Of Office- Fred M’membe



Registrar of Societies Ms Thandiwe Mhende was yesterday “dismissed” and hounded out of her officer by a contingent of over 15 armed and uniformed police officers.

In a letter dated November 13, 2023, Home Affairs permanent secretary Dickson Matembo notified Ms Mhende about the Ministry’s decision to surrender her to the Public Service Management Division (PSMD) at Cabinet Office. In his correspondence Mr Matembo stated that the changes in the office of the Chief Registrar where with immediate effect.

But according to highly placed sources within the Zambia Police Service, when Ms Mhende reported at PSMD as per directive, she was sent back to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security after it was discovered that Mr Matembo’s letter had errors.

As guided by PSMD, Ms Mhende proceeded and returned to her office and within a short while, a contingent of 15 armed and uniformed police officers, accompanied by four (4) plain clothed police detectives arrived and sealed the offices of the Registrar of Societies.

The police sources disclosed that Ms Mhende was for an hour held against her will before the armed police officers demanded that she leaves her office immediately so that they could lock it up. True to their word, the police locked up Ms Mhende’s office together with some of her personal effects.

The sources revealed that Ms Mhende’s lawyer, who was present when all this was unfolding, tried to seek audience with the armed police officers but none was willing to engage him or disclose the name of the team leader, nature of the operation and who had sanctioned it.

Above here is the summary of events that took place at the office of the Registrar of Societies yesterday.

We have said it before and we are saying it again, no matter how Mr Hakainde Hichilema tries to pretend or distance himself from this nauseating, amateurish and reckless manoeuvre, his finger prints are written all over it. It is also a fact, that Ms Mhende has been the biggest stumbling block in Mr Hichilema’s passionate desire to use rogue and hungry elements within the PF to take over the party on his behalf.

We know that they have been giving illegal orders to Ms Mhende but because she has been demanding that they put their directives in writing to cover herself, they are stuck. However, Mr Hichilema and his fellow cowards have now shamelessly decided to descend on an innocent and helpless woman with full force, including the use of armed police officers. For what? What a way of abusing taxpayer’s money to perpetuate illegalities and vanity undertakings?

No matter what they do, the fact remains that Ms Mhende has conducted herself above board on this matter and has performed her public duties with sufficient honour and integrity. She has executed her mandate with faultless precision, vigour and determination. Her honesty, integrity and sincerity in this matter has turned the heat on all abusive and criminal elements behind this matter right from the presidency.

And her “dismissal” is nothing but Executive lawlessness and no doubt, dedicated public servants like Ms Mhende are being abused through such acts of Executive lawlessness.

In a constitutional democracy, governments are expected to operate within the principles of constitutionalism and the rule of law and not this reign of arbitrariness. There is absolutely no recourse to the due process of the law anymore. The Executive is mighty over the law and over the Constitution.

It’s really saddening to see what is happening and how the country’s governance institutions are being shredded to pieces through irresponsible and reckless decisions. But Mr Hichilema and his league are not clever, and whatever they are doing has nothing to do with courage but sheer infantile excitement with power, which will backfire badly. They will be made to answer for their lawlessness. Tabasambilila!

They thought governance was a walk in the park but now that reality has dawned, they’re feeling the pressure and having a mental breakdown.

But they will not succeed. They will pay dearly for this. They will be taught a harsh lesson about people-power and what an oppressed and suppressed citizenry can do to safeguard its interests and protect their country.

They’re forgetting that their proclivity to be lawless in almost of all of their conduct comes with very unpleasant consequences. It’s just a matter of time, bakalila!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. The conclusion of an idiot, how has she behaved above board with a document whose dates of office bearers cannot proved?

    Ala ba Membe ukuba normal kulolela mwaumfwe fishinka, not just because I hate this one then everything wrong happening he is involved, shindeni ilyo mwapwa ukunya, e normal not before.


  2. And Mr. Mmembe was on hand to witness all this? Was he involved in the fictitious report from the Registrar’s office showing that Edgar was appointed as president of PF in 2002?

  3. Looks like the silly season has come too soon!
    With no respected “Father of the Nation figure,” ours is an orphaned Nation!
    What we have are uncles of the nation who don’t care about you and me or doing that which is Lawful!
    The Pastoral letters also fell short. They should have called for the formation of ” The Council of Respected Elders” to advise and guide our young clueless and shameless wayward generation!
    We need a caretaker Elder Statesman to take over in 2026.
    Looking to UPND and PF to correct things in 2026 will be shooting ourselves in the foot!
    KK was right about his fears of the HH presidency!
    What is happening in this country is Lawlessness where the Rule of Law is not being respected!
    We call upon all Elders in Zambia to help this country by speaking out against the prevailing happenings! If all hell breaks loose, how will our Elders manage to run?
    Time to speak is now!

  4. Running a political party is different from running a propaganda machine like the liquidated Post Newspaper. The sooner Mr Membe realize this the better for the Socialist party of Zambia.

    • Mmembe is a lost cause. He needs help. Why defend an incompetent civil servant indeed. In their hurry to frame a well competent Hon. Nrlly Mutti, they forgot to check details. Did Edgar reside at Lewanika close in 2002? How was he president of PF when Sata was the president and Lungu was in opposition. Another alleged committee member listed on your hurriedly obtained ” print out” has denied ever being a member of PF. So you have been exposed you schemers. Govt should investigate this forgery and lock you all up including your laywer Makebi. Shame on you!

  5. I think that Zambians should not be misled by the likes of Fred Namakando Mmembe and Emmanuel Mwamba who just pathological liars. The issue of the Registrar of Societies is serious case of collusion between the ECL faction of the PF and Thandiwe Mhende ( ROS) to produce a fake document. Thandiwe Mhende allowed herself to be used in committing an illegality.
    The document has several false details about the so called office bearers. For example, Edgar Lungu was never PF president in 2002. And a Mr. John something has threatened to take legal action against PF lawyer Makebi Zulu for putting his name on that document.
    In short Madam Thadiwe Mhende has a lot of questions to answer. She actually faces prosecution. So characters like Fred Mmembe would do this nation a great deal if they just shut the hell up.


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