Expect More Sabotage Around The Country, It’s A Grand Scheme To Bring Down The UPND Govt, Security Sources Reveal



What seems like a few isolated incidents in the country are actually all well rehearsed and planned to destabilise the UPND government, intelligence sources have revealed.

Sources revealed that what is now being planned are acts of sabotage such as the burning of markets and other public institutions. They are ready to even burn their own properties and accuse the state of targeting them.

“What has also now unsettled them is hearing President Hichilema’s resolve to aggressively investigate how the borrowed money was used and implement a recovery plan for the assets. This they are very scared and would rather burn the country,” revealed the team investigating the matter.

They want to incite citizens in certain parts of the country and cause riots which they hope will force the UPND government to sit and negotiate with them.

“These are people who had vowed President Hakainde Hichilema would never rule the country over their dead bodies. Remember the same Munir Zulu in an interview with Muvi TV had openly said the minority can never rule the majority. That is the kind of thinking in their circles. They tormented President Hichilema while in opposition and they want to continue doing more harm with a view to force regime change of some kind”, those close to the investigation over the alleged abduction of Petauke Member of Parliament JJ Banda have disclosed.

The whole JJ Banda abduction scheme was planned by the PF leadership, though done badly as you will hear soon. They made sure they chose JJ Banda who is well known for thuggery.

This is a guy who once raided a police station and beat up officers, and this is a guy who once urinated in the mouth of a journalist in Eastern Province.

Apparently they have noticed President Hichilema is on the right track with the economic recovery programme. Actually things would have been much better had it not been for the drought situation.

So far, President Hichilema has resolved what they had hoped would never happen such as the debt restructuring programme, reviving the mines especially on the Copperbelt, brought decency and stability in the country and many other achievements. This is what they don’t want and would rather they distract him.


  1. They are a danger to society and even to themselves! That is why they made that silly publication when they went for inauguration in that country across.

  2. And since UPND also has been sleeping too much, even going to sleep with thugs, there are reports of fuel shortages in Kasempa!
    Isn’t that part of the grand scheme since most PF operatives are running Filling Stations?

  3. Imwe bafyatile mwaba inembo ku mabolo.Nepo mwanya ati niba PF ,muleya fintu fyenu ukunuka ba sikanka pakunya.In all institutions you have put people from the zambezi region who are not qualified the jobs and that’s why the economy is so bad due upnd failures.Just work you fools and stop blaming pf baka bwalala imwe.

    • Hearsay indeed. UPND shud just look in the mirror & the culprit will be clear.
      Appalling ineptitude s & know-it all attitude. Even ordinary UPND cadres have been warning that Ichipani is regrouping hence that mingalato statement but nothing was done. I believe it’s true that UPND is afraid of Ichipani. Wat a shame indeed

  4. The biggest problem in Zambia now is that many of these politicians in opposition have stopped fearing the law. They are not bothered by the law and whenever they are breaking it, they feel they are daring HH and not the law. You find they even compete to break the law, even smiling as they talk knowing and thinking that nothing will happen to them. It’s high time they are shown that the law is bigger than HH and every other person and breaking it has consequences. Let them know that playing with fire is dangerous. Our prisons are always open to make corrections and put sense in some of these people, the government even bought them mattresses and blankets. Law and order should be maintained at all times. People should stop taking things for granted, once war breaks out and this peace slips out of our hand, it won’t be easy to restore it. War has no tribe, it badly affects everyone, the very war advocate can even be the first one to be killed or sexually abused. Inkondo te cintu, it should not even be mentioned among us in our beautiful Christian nation.

  5. When Lungu made that speech at Dunamis, this is what he was talking about. Scheming, conniving and sabotaging at rapid rate so that lawlessness creeps up out control and his thugs take over before 2026. Lungu has a big mouth but at least he can’t keep his mouth shut. All the security services should pull up and ensure his actions, meeting and utterances are scrutinised. He confessed that they want to put him under house arrest, it’s because he knows that he is breaking the law and when he issues statements, he makes them to pre-empt the security services and put them on the defensive. The UPND government should invite the FBI & the British Intelligence to train Zambian investors. These plans and accusations stated with the death of Tutwa Ngulube, the only thing that saved the day then was because the cause of Tutwa’s was a condition which was picked up before his death. The nation should also not listen to these so called church mother bodies which don’t serve anyone. Some of them are just interested in . Did the church prevent the massacres in Rwanda? No! The church should live the police to do their constitutional duties. Most of them are compromised and don’t condemn wrong statements because they receive Ka something. They should remember that if war breaks even the lives of priests are at stake.

  6. Whoa! Hazambezi people calm down! Politics is not war. Don’t be scared of losing government. Compete with ideas and not with intimidation and arrests.


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